Greetings and welcome to my little Corner of WoW Interface! I have been dabbling in the art of GUI's for WoW for a few months now and would really like to continue my efforts here. So with that said, I want to grow and expand the horizons of stream lined and effective GUI's.

Here are some things I'm looking forward to:
  • Ideas, Suggestions and comments on current and future Projects
  • New directions and endeavors based on themes and etc. for GUI's
  • Your continued support for these Add Ons

I don't mess with Code or scripting, just good ol' Photoshop.

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02-17-10 12:40 AM by: Landrell
I have taken some time to dedicate the old MTP known as Neutrino. You will notice a difference some of the textures, especially the Minimap textures. I've also simplified a couple of the textures somewhat so Add on Authors can use them for just about anything they choose.

Remember that if you have a problem not accessing the files, you must be sure to have KgPanels first and to look here on WoWInterface or on the Internet for your solution. If you have a problem with the textures themselves, please read the READ ME and direct your questions to the E-Mail therein. These are just textures and do not work just by themselves. You will need an add on that can access those textures for you to use them.
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04-13-09 03:19 AM by: Landrell
It's been my growing concern that when people use add ons here and redistribute them, that some others don't even bother to read the README txt that is included in the zip file. I've already had a couple of instances and am still dealing with one where people are not following the guidelines that I have specified in the file. I really dislike the fact that I'm having to babysit my own texture packages in hopes that people are not going to infringe on my copyrighted work.

Please, please, please Authors. If you are downloading and using an add, texture package, ldb, etc. for your compilations for redistribution here on this site; to prevent future incidents of getting your comps pulled or worse, read the README FIRST txt folks first! There is important information in these that may be vital to the wellbeing of everyone here that post their add ons and mods. This will also save you the headache of dealing with this issue.

I would rather have every Tom, Mary, Joe let me know that they are using my add ons and or texture packages rather than thinking that someone out there may be using your stuff and calling it their own.

This is the only time I will say anything about this major concern. If you want to use my texture packages, at least let me know a head of time and make sure you give credit where credit is due and I shall do the same for you as well. All of this is afore mentioned in the README's. If anyone fails to comply with these simple guidelines and my wishes, I will be forced to take undesirable measures to ensure the safety of my work. Please do not let get it to this point...

Thank you for reading.
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04-10-09 01:30 AM by: Landrell
I've gone and done it now. the Red Alert MTP is now up and currently running. For those that have been keeping track, I stated in my last post that I'll be adding a couple of extra little texture mod additions to the run of the mill stuff I normally do.

Minimap now has a Sphere Texture for those that use add ons such as Lunarsphere, Cryolisis and etc.

It's a small step I'm taking but there will be more to come.
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03-29-09 12:44 PM by: Landrell
I've been letting both the STeam Pixel Project and the Neutrino MTP loose on here and people seem to be enjoying them both. It's good to see new and upcoming Authors take a foothold and use them in their own works. So, kudos to you guys!

I've slated here in the next couple of weeks, probably sooner to start working on some rather interesting texture packages that would combine some rather awkward mods with one another. Which ones you might ask? Well, something along the lines of doing a Chat Box & Lunarsphere combo, or Action Bar & Threat Meter set up. I'm still toying around with these concepts, and it will be a while before I actually start working on the textures for these particularly zany combinations.

I'll have an update for you guys when I do get the time and chance to do so.
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02-28-09 06:07 AM by: Landrell
I've finally gotten Version 2 of the STeam Pixel project up and available for you all. It's been a while since I have last touched this and I aim to keep my promises. I'm a little reluctant still with this particular package due to size constraints of the textures, but I am hoping for the best on this one.

I'm going to be reducing my work to just texture packages at this point since my own personal tastes in mods are mixed and doing compilations with other Authors mods are somewhat a slippery slope of a subject that has been ongoing here at WoWI. If people are so inclined of me doing this, I will; however, I will not do it right away. Other Authors have worked diligently on their addons and I don't want to take that thunder away from them. So please people, if you are going to use and redistribute your compilations here, at least list the Authors in your description and give credit where credit is due.