Welcome to my portal.

I will be placing news and upcoming features for any new or ongoing projects here.

So please keep checking back.
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11-18-08 01:09 PM by: joeba18
Ok i placed in the FAQ area a guide for addon profiler.

Please if you wish to use this feature read it before you mess with addon profiler.
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11-17-08 10:24 PM by: joeba18
WoW Manager 2.2 has been released.

New Graphical interface.
New Feature Addon Profiler.

I'm to sleepy at this time.
So later i will post a guide on how to use the new feature.

Also the next release i will add a wizard in addon profiler.
This will speed up the process and make it easy to use.
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11-17-08 06:11 PM by: joeba18
Progress for Addon profiler is 80% should have a release for you all soon.

Also with the new release is a new graphical interface.
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11-10-08 06:04 AM by: joeba18
New feature in development.

Addon Profiler.
What is addon profiler.
Well it is used to make it easy to backup and swap out addons/comps with ease.

I'm not going to release a lot of information as of now.
As it might change rapidly while in development.

As always keep checking back for updates.
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11-10-08 01:24 AM by: joeba18
The update has been released.