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Delete your Interface and WTF folder in your World of Warcraft folder.
Copy the folders WTF, Fonts and Interface from the "TenUI" folder to your World of Warcraft folder.
Open the WTF folder, go into the Account folder and rename "ACCOUNT" to whatever your accountname is.
Go to the next folder and rename the folder "Server" to your actual server name. Enter the following folder and change the "Character" to your characters name.

Start game.

Addons are adjusted through Button Bin in top of screen (mouseover to show) or Blizz options.
Ace3 addons - type /ace3.

1. Dominos - profile, set - "Default"
2. Omen - Profiles, Existing profiles - "Tenelov"
3. Recount profile - Existing profiles - "Tenelov"
4. SatrinaBuffFrame - /sbf options - Options. Tab Global options, Copy profile - "Tenelov".
5. AzCastBar - /acb - Profiles - "TenUI"

5. logout or /rl

6. /kb - keybindings mode

Very important!!!
If you have performance issues then disable QuestHelper and/or Recount.

Dont update Demon, ControlFreak or oCD 2.4. Im using modified versions.

Micromenu is default hidden, mouseover it in down part of minimap to show.
Press key "B" to open your bag.
TenUI WideScreen Edition is updated for patch 4.0.3.

Enjoy, Dessembrae
I'm in the process of updating TenUI Widescreen edition with the help of some "Old Timers" like Alza (Who takes care of the oUF layout).

Some abandoned addons have been updated, as well was some repairs to others to keep the original package as complete as possible.
Some addons have been exchanged (mumble was beyond current repairs, so I exchanged it for Prat for now) and some other additions/removes are done in the package to shift around functionality.

I hope to have a initial release ready somewhere next week and that this release will be as close as the original UI was made.

I know Tenelov also keeps an eye on the releases, as he's still active here and on the russian forums, but doesn't play the game anymore.
Hey All,

I've just posted the updated TenUI Widescreen Edition for WoW 3.3.
Sorry that it took a bit of time to prepare and iron out the lua errors.

I was @ work during patchtime and did some preliminary work there, but wasn't able to properly test there.
Now that I'm home I've finished up the last bits and decided it's working decently so I pushed the release.

All used addons that have not been updated up untill today have had their TOC's bumped to 30300 and everything seems to work fine.

Enjoy and Have fun, Dessembrae (EU - Scarshield Legion)
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12-18-09 12:39 PM by: Dessembrae
Welcome to Dessembrae's TenUI portal.

This portal is dedicated to the widescreen (1920*1080) version of the original TenUI.

I try and keep it updated whenever we have a major patch.
I'm working on updating to the current version (still going trough some lua because some commands are deleted).

Meanwhile hold tight, in the next few hours the new 3.3 version will be posted.