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04-18-15 05:46 AM by: Miiru
Looking good so far. Blizzard decided to do a recode of the garrison frame (yea you heard right the ones implemented in this very addon).

No big changes so far.
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01-21-15 03:51 AM by: Miiru
Finally i was able to copy my garrison to the ptr.

Everything is looking fine so far and msot of the addon stuff is still functional.
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01-19-15 08:22 AM by: Miiru
Today i began working on the 6.1 version.

Since Garrisons are non-existent at the moment on ptr, i began fixing the bugs which were caused by this new version.

The mount and petjournal got minor code changes from blizzard; i had to adapt the miirgui code. Same for Toybox.

The Heirlooms-Tab is a completely new frame which i skinned like the toybox-tab.

The bagback graphic was changed a bit, it is now 3pixels longer. I do not know the intentions behind this change
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08-25-12 07:17 AM by: Miiru
Hello, this is my Author Portal, where you can submit bugs and feature requests for the Miirgui Texture Pack.