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01-02-07 01:20 PM by: Bouvi
Auto_Loot_Fu updated for 2.4
This is my first addon so be gentle.

Very simply if you are in a party or raid it turns off the autoloot option to help prevent you from accidently being a ninja. When you leave the party or raid it turns the autoloot option back on.

There are no options as none are really needed.

Thanks go out to ThaDruid for the idea and to VoidRaider, Zenzelezz and Mery for the help with the coding.
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12-28-06 01:00 PM by: Bouvi
Added the following with many updates
Replaced Metamap with Cartographer - A great map addon that gets better.
Fubar_FactionsFu - Track your Factions with this.
Fubar_FarmerFu - Grinding an item keep track of it easily.
Planner - A talent Tree planner. Put in your plan and it will save it so you can easily update your talents.
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12-13-06 11:01 AM by: Bouvi
Bouvi's Addon Pack - 1.2
Bouvi's Widescreen Rogue UI - 1.1

Updates to the addon pack include:
SmartBuff - New
MetaMap - Update
Questhistory - New
Autobar - Update
Fubar-ToFu - Update
Fubar-QuestsFu - Update
Xperl - Update
MaterialsTracker - Update
Fubar-DurabilityFu - New
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11-03-06 11:58 PM by: Bouvi
I have released an addon pack and 2 UIs the rogue and mage UIs which are based off the addon pack.