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06-27-10 11:20 AM by: ole1510
maby, I'll update my ui packs...
but If i'll do it, there could be some changes. I'll try to use less addons, and have less bugs ^^
But now I must raid, after the nice wm game german 4 : (2)1 england
Yes, we won :P
Sorry, for my mistakes in this text..
Mit Freundlichen Grüßen
Ich ;P
06-24-09 05:40 AM by: ole1510
I've make a new UI.
I have added settings for 1280*1024(normal 4:3) and 1440*900(widescreen 16:10).
here Is a picture in a bg fight:

Link to the UI http://www.wowinterface.com/download...1610and43.html
04-18-09 07:21 PM by: ole1510
I am updating the UI's at the moment
Nevion UI *update ready*
ru UI *update ready*
Schem UI *update ready*

They are 3.1.0 ready now
04-15-09 03:51 AM by: ole1510
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