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    03-13-07 10:51 PM by: chuckg
    I'd been looking for a replacement for MobileFrames for months, it was the final mod that I used which relied on any library outside the Ace framework. If you're going to use libraries, might as well stick to the same ones or the whole point of having a library is wasted. With the introduction of arena, when I tried to open the "Arena Team Description" window from the honor tab in the character frame, it wasn't opening and it was forcefully closing the honor tab. So I was getting as close to desparate as one can get when dealing with a mod.

    Eventually I found this little gem written by Stabler, Move Frames. It allowed me to move around the windows as I'd grown accustomed to, but didn't allow me to move the LOD frames like the tradeskill or talent windows. So I took a little time, polished it, added some much needed functionality and had exactly what I wanted.

    If you're looking for a simple way to move around your Blizzard frames, moveFrames is exactly what you're looking for. All it takes is a click and a drag on the title bar and the frame will remember where it was placed next time it's opened.

    Check it out here on WoWInterface:
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    10-14-06 12:26 PM by: chuckg
    It's out. I added some new features, reworked some of the old, and cleaned out some of the cobwebs in my code. Hopefully this should be an end to the hardlocks, I found a nasty little typo that could result in an infinite loop sending WoW into a pit of despair spiral.

    There is a thread up on the WoWAce forums where people seem to be a little more lively about posting errors, suggestions and the like. I'm more likely to catch any correspondence concerning the mod there.

    As always, you can check cgCrafty out at it's page here at WoWI:
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    05-25-06 04:14 PM by: chuckg
    cgCrafty adds search functionality to the tradeskill and crafting windows. There were a lot of different mods out there that do similar things, but they all either add too many features I wasn't looking for or didn't add the one I wanted: simple searching.

    cgCrafty lets you search by name, reagent or "requires" (Philsopher's Stone, Anvil, Arclight Spanner, etc.). If you're looking to add a simple search to your tradeskill/crafting windows, cgCrafty should fit that niche perfectly.

    It's available for download here: http://www.wowinterface.com/download...fo.php?id=4999
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    05-17-06 04:55 PM by: chuckg
    cgInvite was actually the first mod I wrote and as such, the poorest written. After cleaning it up a bit and hacking it around a few versions with some guildmates, I decided it was time to post it up so I wouldn't have to bother posting links from my own webspace.

    I plan on eventually adding a few things to it, like auto accepting invites and a white list for people from whom to always accept invites. Also, I'd like to add an option to only accept requests for invite from people within the guild for those "guild only" raids.

    The link's on the right, or here: http://www.wowinterface.com/download...fo.php?id=4969
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    05-16-06 10:40 PM by: chuckg
    I wanted to feel special, included, and have bug listings so that I wouldn't have to bother reading comments on mods as I add them. I have a bad habit of fixing/updating mods to my liking, so I'll also be adding a few here and there as I have time.

    The first will be BonusScanner, which until this time has not had "spell penetration" in it's library of scanned information as well as some updates to the patterns. I was able to easily add it to the English translation, obviously, and I did my best to half ass it with the French/German ones. So, hopefully someone will let me know if they use it and find it not working. I renamed the "project" cgBonusScanner to avoid confusion between my version and the original, which I claim no credit for!

    It's available here at WoWi: http://www.wowinterface.com/download...fo.php?id=4968