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05-16-16 08:57 AM by: Folji
Hiyo people! So in the past couple of weeks since I released Blacksteel UI, I've been listening to the feedback that's come in, contemplated different ways the suite could be improved, and seen how the people using it have done so. There's a lot I'd like to do with it, so here's hoping I find the time and motivation!

So here's my Road to 1.0 list, all the things I'd like to get in by the Legion launch! Planning to get at least one, maybe two updates out before I vanish off to the beta to work on bigger things there.
  • Going to to move the micro menu up to the top of the screen, and make it show on mouseover there.
  • Want to do touch up on the action button textures a bit.
  • Planning to add an option to have the main action bar on the bottom with the rest. I've noticed there's a lot of people who like Blacksteel for the artstyle, but who aren't necessarily fans of the really really center-fixed layout.
  • Planning to make the secondary resources float freely, rather than dock them to the main action bar. Having it anchored to the action bar is kinda nifty, but it only really works if the main action bar is floating.
  • With the above point, I'm likely going to simplify the Holy Power textures.
  • Going to get around to putting in that missing Chi Point when I rework this part, too.
  • By Legion, all the configuration is going to be in-game in the options panel.
  • Thought about making the UI modular, but I think I'll just make it possible to toggle off different parts of it. So people who don't want the action bars, for instance, can just disable that.

And if anyone has suggestions for other things that would make it better, please let me know!
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05-01-16 05:27 AM by: Folji
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