Welcome to the Evolution Theory, home of Storm Calai's randomness in World of Warcraft.

A little bit about who I am ... as a person? Well, I've been involved in the gaming industry since way back when shotgun modem was the way of internet surfing and dialing into your grade school buddy down the road for some Duke Nukem was hot! When I grew up I dabbled in lots of different areas of Gaming and Technology; programming, scripting, graphic design, 3d modeling, gaming design, network design and infrastructure, ... blah blah! Now that I'm nearly 30 years old I have settled down to being a Technology Director for an Applied Arts system that offers Game Design with theory-based development on Half-Life and Unreal framework. I absolutely LOVE what I do and honestly it was a hard decision between this and the offer to move to California and work for Blizzard. I would say that my strong skills lie in Network Engineering and Operations, all others were simply hobbies.

World of Warcraft came to be when I was given an opportunity to test the Vanilla game. I have since carried out my duties with Blizzard through BC, Wrath, and of course Cataclysm. I am a veteran on one of the original realms, have partaken in GM duties, and met a lot of amazing people at Blizzard, Inc. Both support staff and executives who have influenced my life at one point or another. I am at every Blizzard Conference and tend to spend my days there behind the scenes reminiscing with old friends and meeting new people on the teams. I hope one day in the future my life will take me back to Blizzard Inc where I may "retire" and spend my days doing what we all enjoy doing!

With that said, I am moving into UI design and possibly some addon authoring. One of the greatest points in this site is the vast amounts of fantastic addons designed.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoy what is available. I hope to add more for use in the future; given that time stays on my side.
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02-08-11 08:50 PM by: StormCalai
This addresses addon errors with the changes in 4.0.6.

Download, and simply copy "addons" folder and overwrite yours.
After thumbing through script and making things reflect older passions; I am starting to re-carve the looks of cael's amazing nameplates into a design that is easy and quick to read!

These are still in testing and perhaps will make the cut for the next version.