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05-21-07 05:30 AM by: Elkano
With patch 2.1 at the doors there had been some changes done to many of my projects.
ElkBuffBars has recived a total recode based on Ace2.
ItemDB has also been adjusted with some library stuff in order to improve performance.
FactionsFu has recived some small feature additions.
FriendsFu and GuildFu will be maintanced as needed.

Unfortunatly, my notebook broke last week so I will posibly not have them ready for release on patch day. Buying a new notebook will cost a bit so in case you want to show support, feel free to donate some money to me in order to reduce the cost weight.

So long...
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12-05-06 07:10 AM by: Elkano
OK, today/tomorrow WoW 2.0 will finally hit live servers. That's a good time for me to put the new versions of my addons online

So here's a list of the current status:

Updated and live:
- ElkBuffBar

Updated and scheduled for release:
- bags and merchants
- FactionsFu
- FramesResized
- FriendsFu
- GuildFu

in test:
- ItemDB

- ColoredWhispers
- QuestLevels

On a side note:
I started a total recode of EBB from scratch again in order to support some of the requested features. Looks fine so far but will take some time to finish.
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05-10-06 03:27 AM by: Elkano
OK, if finaly released a new version
2006/05/10 - 1.0g
- the frame should now also be fixed for showing while dead ^^'
- updated API calls for KC_Items 0.94+
- added ItemDBFu (a FuBar 1.0 plugin)
My plans for the futre are to rewrite ItemDB using oop and update ItemDBFu to FuBar 1.2 API... wonder when I'll find the time to do so
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03-25-06 04:38 AM by: Elkano
I've uploaded two updates for addons of mine: bags and merchants 1.2a and ItemDB 1.0f
"bags and merchants" is an addon that will open/close all your bags in situations where I think it makes sense: vendors, bank, mail, trades, auktion house
changes for bags and merchant 1.2a
Version 1.2a - 2006/03/24
- fixed the line 9 bug :/ (lua uses different comment syntax ^^' )

Version 1.2 - 2006/03/24
- updated TOC to 10900
- added NUM_CONTAINER_FRAMES = 11 in order to open *all* bags
- backpack will now also close even if it was open before
changes for ItemDB 1.0f
2006/03/25 - 1.0f
- warning popup should now also show when dead
- added traditonal chinese (zhCN) lcalization; thx to q09q09 @ curse-gaming
- change: /itemdb leave will now part DistChat for the whole session; /itemdb hop has the old behaviour of /itemdb leave
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02-16-06 06:49 AM by: Elkano
Another version, another feature: The addon will now add the items of other players to your list of session items on mouseover. In order to improve performance, players may only inspected every five minutes each, but that shouldn't be that much of a problem.

2006/02/16 - 1.0e
- added more debug output
- disabled debug output by default
- autoinspects players on mouseover -> more linksafe items