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    Welcome to UltiPortal

    Feel free to make any bug reports or feature requests using the trackers available here on the left hand side.
    06-07-06 08:49 AM by: Ulti
    Biggest thing about it I guess is the experimental "universal" solution for cooldown display, otherwise mainly bugfixes and tried and tested with PTR 1.11

    Thinking about having a stab at SleekFreeBagSlots again, but we'll see if I manage to spare me the time, (rl) work is taking up a lot of my time nowadays.
    04-20-06 08:11 PM by: Ulti
    The Beta1 is here, half tested, quite feature rich.. I'm running out of ideas for more features, don't be scared to suggest via the handy feature tracker
    03-04-06 09:23 PM by: Ulti
    InnervateFTW "Full Edition", well the beta of it anyways, I messed about with it some, seemed to work but I'm eager to get any bug reports, and for that I ask you to use the bug tracking system, linked here on the left hand side.

    General changes/addition highlights:
    * Range checking
    * Out of range display
    * Cooldown checking
    * Cooldown display
    * "Usable" display (greying, etc)
    * Innervate spell tooltip (instead of macro name)
    * Slash commands and setting options via it
    * Several new error messages and return values
    * Option to force usage of a modifier to cast on target if target is self
    * Dual announcment system, possible to combine up to two different types of messages.
    * Self (text) notification.
    Yeah, I finally got around to fix and add some things, what's left to do is adding slash commands and sending chat and whisper messages (not as little as it may sound though).

    What's in so far:
    • cooldown display on the macro button
    • replacing macro tooltip with the Innervate tooltip
    • range checking if you have localized strings for "Innervate", "Rebirth", "Curse", "Poison" and/or "Wild" (basically search strings for friendly spells with same range as Innervate) furthermore at least one of these spells has to be placed on one of the 120 action buttons, no matter if it's visible or not. If there is no such spell to be found the range checking will not work.
    • option to require a modifier (Alt or Control) key for casting on self, no matter if you targetted yourself
    • More error messages/types (5 in total), all but one are using GlobalStrings, and is as such localized. What I couldn't get localized is "Target has more mana than current threshold!", grateful for translations.
    Just to keep my stuff in one place... Otherwise I recommend that you use BossPanel and the bag trackers available for it.