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    05-26-06 04:50 PM by: hyperactiveChipmunk
    My first beta release version of BulkMail is now available! Please take a look and leave as much feedback as you can provide. I am grateful for any and all Bug Reports, Feature Requests, and comments.

    in addition, in an effort to consolidate the AddOns that I have authored to one site, I have transferred from curse-gaming.com two of my old AddOns: the standalone version of CRDelay (the FuBar plugin version of which has been available from here for a few months now), and RaidMap, my very first released AddOn. >8)

    Take a look, take some AddOns, leave some feedback. Thanks!

    BatFu is back up and ready for download! Thank you all for your patience.

    Due to some last-minute changes to the GloryLib API (upon which both BatFu and HonorFu rely), the version that I released was made seriously broken when the new HonorFu was released. I originally thought that HonorFu and GloryLib were released with the rest of the new FuBar stuff. It turns out that they weren't, so my tests on it (which told me everything was dandy) were not accurate. I thought it best to have the previous version pulled until a fix was available, rather than have more people download something that was already broken. Hopefully, there wasn't too many who downloaded it in the few hours it was up, but I have no way to know. I have a bit of rewriting to do to accomodate the new API, but I hope to have something up in a few hours. I am truly sorry for this. Thank you for your patience and understanding, and thank you for your interest in my plugin. >8)