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Welcome to Eisa's author portal

This is where you can find my news, report bugs, submit feature requests, read the faq and more. Thanks for stopping by!

This is also the official home of AudioX II. If you wish to request new features or report any issues relating to AudioX II, then please do so here (and not on CurseForge).
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09-24-10 11:09 PM by: Eisa
Mostly bugfixes and a couple of tweaks.
  • Core: Fixed chat tab docking error that occured when toggling the AudioX chat tab off and on while docked to the main chat window (caused by WoW 3.3.5 changes).
  • Who: Fixed roster error caused by bizarre behaviour with table.insert(). Previously AudioX_Who added new data to its temporary roster by doing the equivalent of:
    TEMPLIST[position] = {string1="whatever",bool1=false,bool2=true}
    Recently this has resulted in the TEMPLIST[position+1].string1 getting overwritten with a numberic value of 1, leading to type mismatches and logical errors. The solution I've used is to use table.insert to insert the row and the data at the same time. e.g.
    Provisional testing suggests this has solved the problem, but I need more players using this new code to be completely sure.
  • Who: Altered message queuing to avoid possible errors similar to those with the roster occuring.
  • Who: Made /ax who output print to the AudioX chat tab where applicable.
  • Who: Changed the /ax who output in an attempt to make it more readable.

I've also removed the debug code from AudioX_Who.lua (about time tbh).

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07-29-10 07:07 PM by: Eisa
Adds new sounds for WoW 3.3.5 (thanks to Bluspacecow for the source data). I've improved the pre-search translation system considerably over the 3.3.37 (3.3.5/1) implementation. There's some more pre-search translations for German players to use (thanks to Weggls for the translations).

Note: The version numbering system has changed to make it more obvious which version of WoW the current AudioX is designed for (WoW 3.3.5).
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07-02-10 05:22 AM by: Eisa
Now works with WoW 3.3.5 patch.

Also added a new framework for translating user inputted search keyword(s) into english (as Blizzard use english to define the soundpaths). This should mean that (providing theres a translation) non-english players have a hope of finding what they are looking for

Thanks to Weggls for pointing out the need for translating search keywords and German translations of new AudioX feature text.
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06-24-10 09:25 PM by: Eisa
AudioX has been localised for german speakers courtesy of Weggls of EU-Todeswache/Alliance.
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04-02-10 03:37 AM by: Eisa
  • Search: New SoundLibs for WoW 3.3.3 patch. 403 samples added (total 21056 samples) (Thanks to Bluspacecow for raw mpq extract data)
  • Who: Removed "<player> has gone offline." as this currently only appears in direct reponse to /ax who.

Full list of new sounds here
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03-25-10 10:42 PM by: Eisa
  • Broker: Fixed so opens UI with one click on first use.
  • UI: Works around Blizzards WoW 3.3.3 SetTexCoordModifiesRect() bug.

New sounds will probably follow in 3.3.35, once Bluespacecow's had time to create an updated sound list and I've had time to do the necessary conversions and checks.