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Welcome to Tullamods. Here you'll find news about Bagnon, Bongos, Sage, and OmniCC
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05-13-16 04:53 PM by: Tuller
I'll be updating my stuff for Legion

Dominos + Dominos_Config seems to work OK (I've not done any extensive testing), and tullaCC and tullaRange also appear to be working fine at the moment. The main impediment will be that I'm moving in the next couple of weeks, so I might not do too much until after that.
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07-02-14 08:46 PM by: Tuller
I still write these things some times :P

I'm still not an active WoW player at this point, but I'll definitely be updating Dominos for WoD. Here are my goals:
* Update Dominos for Warlords.
* Determine the fate of tullaCC. Warlords adds in a cooldown count display into the default UI, so I need to determine if I like mine better. At the very least, I hope to take advantage of the new timer stuff.

Beyond that, I might think about writing a Dominos 2.0. It depends on how much of an inkling I actually have to rewrite the thing :P
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07-08-12 01:59 PM by: Tuller
The beta version of Dominos for Mists can be found here:

Pet battles will probably prove a bit challenging to implement, but since Blizzard hasn't pushed them out yet, there's not much I can do about it yet.
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07-02-12 12:30 PM by: Tuller
It should be noted that I still exist. I think we'll end up with a MoP compatible Dominos at this point, however, I'd still love if someone wanted to work with me on the addon
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06-22-11 07:43 PM by: Tuller
Around 6 years ago (really? its been that long?), one college student decided the following: "Hey this WoW game I'm playing with my friends is pretty cool! I've also written a thing or two for Warcraft III before, and I want to make sure that I learn something other than Java while I'm in school. Why not look at writing some addons?"

So he did. First, he started with some small stuff (some basic modifications of BibMod, creating a simple notes app to track people he'd grouped with before, and a very basic text based DPS meter), and then he started sharing them with his friends. Much to his surprise, they used them. Especially this one action bar addon, "BBar".

"Well, since people are finding my stuff useful, why not share them?" He thought. So, he proceeded to upload his action bar addon to various sites, with a new name too, "Bongos". And to his surprise, people started using it.

Years later, the college student graduated. Now a developer of several very popular addons, He worried that, unlike in his college days, he'd not be able to dedicate as much time to doing addon development as before, and he did not want to have his users suffer. So, some addons were scaled back. Bongos3 was cancelled and replaced with Dominos. He also feared that he'd be playing much less WoW, but to his surprise, he started raiding much more than in the past. Even more surprisingly, he was contracted to develop a custom version of Dominos to go along with a gaming mouse.

Two years later, the developer decided to leave his first job and move to the big city. He worried again that he'd be able to dedicate less time to addon development, but this was again not the case. Nevertheless, he made his projects a bit more open to development by others.

A year later, the developer noticed something peculiar: that he had not actually been playing WoW for quite some time. "How can I possibly be best serving my users if I'm no longer eating my own dogfood?" he thought.

The answer is: I can't be.

Because of that, I'm trying to phase myself out of addon development. I'm planning on releasing 4.2 version of my addons, but after that, I don't really foresee myself doing any more updates.

In short, however, thanks to everyone: Those hosting my addons (on all sites), my friends for encouraging me and tolerating me bugging them with test versions, my girlfriend for tolerating me during coding times, everyone who's ever contributed a bit of code to the addons, and especially anyone who's ever bothered to download one my addons and give it a whirl

Thank you.

Side note: bacon is a cheese.