I've finished adding a full Locale features to SLDataText, and I've attempted both ruRU and frFR files based on some original SLDT locale translations with some help from Google Translate. The locale file isn't too massive, so anyone willing to pump out quick translations for other locales, I would greatly appreciate it...just send the file to me via email or site PM and I'll add it to the next upload.

Still working on LibSL and LibSLTip to both add layout features to the config menu's as well as some better handling of notes on the Tooltips. In the meantime while I work on those, I've been creating replacements for some heavier AddOns I typically use for Cooldown and Spell timers. They'll be separate Plug-Ins, one for Cooldowns and one for Spell Timers. I've finished the Cooldown side, and I'm just adding some customization features...and I'm just getting started on the Spell Timers. I think those will be cool additions because they're often used, and these are quite a bit lighter on system usage then full-feature versions...with still the ability to integrate them into almost any UI with out-of-the-box customization options.

01-13-12 07:28 AM by: Taffu
I've just finished up the rewrite of the StatLine plug-in for SLDT. It's much better than the original, IMO. New is the fact that each stat is generated on an independent frame, allowing easier stat updating as well as anchoring. You can do horizontal and vertical arrangements now, both with Justification. So if you have the orientation set to Vertical and Justify to the Left, you'll see:

Stat1: 0000
Stat2: 00
Stat3: 000000

Or Vertical with Center:

Stat1: 0000
Stat2: 00
Stat3: 000000

Also new, is the option to set the amount of blocks (from 1 to 5). The plug-in will reactively change the view to account for the amount of blocks, and only update those currently shown. I've also changed the way statistics are fetched...originally there was a massive single function to fetch all stats and create a local database with them. It's setup now to only access the stat function required for display...so it's much faster and less of a system hog.

I should have it out this weekend, if not tonight. I do want to make some changes to LibSL-1.0 to support mulit-column configuration (StatLine makes the config window pretty high), but it's not necessary and it seems to work fine in it's current state. A little more testing and I'll be ready to release it.

SLDataText 4.2.7 is just about ready to go. I've started work to localize the entire SLDT library of addons, StatLine is the first to be "fully" localized. SLDataText is pretty big and it will take some time, so that'll be my project for 4.2.8. Fixed some problems for 4.2.7 though, including click-through issues when the tooltip is set to off, and truncated titles for the Currency module. The mail module has had a major revamp...very cool, a lot like the old Titan Panel / FuBar mail plug-ins. Counts mail, AH alerts, etc.

People may have noticed, too, that I've been slowly integrating icons into the individual modules. This is something I plan to work into all of the modules. Of course, there's an option to turn it off if it's not to your liking.
SLDataText is in very good shape right now, so what I'm going to be working on is putting out some individual goodies as plug-ins. So far I've released module plug-ins for Guild, Friends, ItemTracker, and CombatMonitor. It's my first time working with the CombatLog events & info, so be kind if my calculations are off (and let me know so I can fix it!). Right now I'm working on an Archaeology Assistant module called SLDataText_ArchAssist. I'm going to utilize my new LibSLTip to create an interactive tooltip that benefits on the fly Archaeology management as well as selective tracking.

Now that I've finally finished the base portion of SLDataText, I've been working on an oUF layout for quite some time that I hope to be able to finish up. It will be from the ground up as far as projects are concerned, and I'm borrowing a little from here & there (ie. oUF_Phanx border handling) to make it a unique little addition to the oUF family of unit frame layouts. I'm also adding as heavy customization as I can for in-game options so that people with little-to-no LUA programming experience can use it and modify it in-game to their liking (from sizes, to locations, and more).

I'm still working on putting a full release version of LanChat out, but I'm finding it a little harder than I thought to add customization options in-game to a extensive chat rework that was intended to have LUA only configuration! I'll get it done, though...
12-17-11 03:44 AM by: Taffu
Just a small update:

I'm soon going to be offering a closed Alpha for SLDataText v5 to test out some features as well as get some feedback from users about additional features and whatnot they would like to see get included, as well as possibly get some new module ideas. I'll be making a forum post here at WoWInterface with that information soon.

Also, I've spoken to Lanerra (author of oUF_Lanerra), and I'll be tweaking a version of chat mod created for his interface. It will be dubbed LanChat, and while primary design credit will go to Lanerra I'll be releasing, tweaking, and maintaining it. It's a very, very cool chat AddOn and I'm hoping it will be well received. My primary objective is to get it to require no dependents (right now it requires !Beautycase), as well as add a large customization menu.

Happy Holidays to all!
12-14-11 07:50 AM by: Taffu
I'm back, most likely permanently, and have once again restarted the rebuild of SLDT that I had begun with the v3 Beta quite some time ago. My goal is to finish up prior to MoP release so that I can get a Beta of v5 out to the masses.

SLDataText has come along way, but I imagine it's been somewhat of the red-haired stepchild as of late. The new version I'm working on is pretty much everything I ever hoped the AddOn would become in time.

Lightweight: It's got a way smaller footprint than what you might be used to right now. Most likely less than 200kb running full load with all release modules. It's only using AceDB-3.0, but I may even remove that by the time I release it. It still has LibSharedMedia support and will have a custom Tablet-type lib built in. I've custom built a configuration lib for this (and possible future) SL-named AddOns.

Customization: The new config lib I built allows for standard GUI config menu's, each module having it's own. It provides extremely detailed customization of each individual module...with the level of customization the major version of SLDataText has now with none of the bloat.

New Modules & Features: I'm working on some new modules and fixing some old modules. A personal damage meter is on my list, as well as options to shut off or turn on specific modules based on conditions like if you're in a group, or in specific class spec.

Plug-in mentality: SLDT never caught on as a plug-in type AddOn like LibDataBroker and Titan Panel. The main idea behind SLDT was to create a lightweight alternative to AddOns like Titan Panel. My hopes is that with v5, SLDT might be embraced by other authors translating little module ideas into available module plug-in AddOns.

Anyways, I've still a bit of work to do while I finalize & tweak my configuration library and create the TabletLib replacement. But things are looking up for SLDT, and since I'm on the Anniversary Sub thingy Blizzard did...I'll be around for a while bringing SLDT up to snuff.