Welcome to my Portal.

Most of my AddOns have been developed for others in response to requests rather than for my personal use. This is because although I'm quite interested in coding, I'm not that great at coming up with ideas and existing AddOns mostly cover my needs.

If you wish for me to develop an AddOn for you, just post your idea here as a Feature Request under the "Miscellaneous" Interface. I do not in any way guarantee that I'll develop every concept posted, but if I see one that seems both feasible and interesting, I may give it a shot.

Keep in mind that I'm a relatively small-scale author compared to the authors of popular AddOns like Carbonite, DBM, Recount, etc.
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09-22-11 11:11 PM by: Choonstertwo
Welcome to Choonstertwo's new author portal. This is where you can find my news, report bugs, submit feature requests, read the faq and more. Thanks for stopping by!