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    Welcome to my author portal. Hery you can report bugs and submit feature requests.
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    04-25-06 06:24 PM by: venRaged
    Here are several features vAssist 1.0 will include:
    - options GUI (sliders for scaling, checkboxes for other options)
    - more options to customize the MT's target windows
    - improved MT's target of target functionality
    - support for CTRA / oRA main tanks
    - improved aggro alert

    Maybe vAssist 1.0 will come out as an Ace addon. I'm not sure about that, yet.
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    04-25-06 06:08 PM by: venRaged
    My Addons vAssist, vDefender and vMod are now also on WOWI. I will maintain all of them, mainly vAssist. I do not have very much time so please be patient if I do not answer within the first 24hrs