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Here is my portal. This feature is nifty.

I am taking suggestions on my mods, doubtful they will all be implemented.
Hello everyone (all of the 2? people who might read this (including myself)).

This is just a little update to let everyone know what is going on with my addons, what I have planned etc.

- I'm going to update the toc to 1.12, and release one with a few bugs squashed but otherwise it seems pretty complete. Does anyone have anything to suggest for it?

- This mod sits on the back burner, perhaps to be resurrected some day. There just wasn't much interest in it to begin with and I've never been really happy with its format/performance. As such it'll be last on my list.

- This mod is pretty much dead. I don't plan on updating it any more, it has been replaced by RaidBuffs (which works for multiple classes).

- Now that I finally have a class other than a paladin at level 60, I can do some real debugging on this puppy
- Next version will actually work for at least priests :P
- I will implement a way to select which groups/classes you want to buff, then there will be a button you can set which will buff those classes in order. A second button will let you reset the order and start over
- Possibly, but not probably, will have timers in the main drop-down menu (when you right-click the config button)

- One big mama-jamma!
- Upcoming features:
-- Communications! Woohoo! Dunno if I'll be using Telephany or AceComm-2.0 yet, but I'll be using one of those.
--- In tangent with com support, I'll create a plugin system whereby you can 'listen' in on other HealWatch type addons (ala Healer's Assist). I will not support broadcasting on more than one format (ie you can broadcast as HealWatch, or as Healer's Assist)
-- SpellBook parsing. This will allow me to determine how much your heal might land for (to make cross-addon communication work).
-- 'Detachable' label frames (where the names go). No longer will you have to have HealWatch in one place on your screen going hog-wild with all the heals. Now you'll be able to place the MT right in the middle of your screen so you can see who's healing him. Put the rest of the heals off to the right just for more information
- Bug fixes:
-- When you grow things up, the window shifts down :/ That'll be fixed hopefully.
-- When you grow labels left/right, it can bug out . No clue when/if that'll be fixed.
- And, I think that's it for HealWatch...

Use my portal to post bugs/feature requests.
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03-20-06 10:00 PM by: JoshBorke
Added new mod today: HealWatch. It attempts to keep track of all heals in a raid. Currently in really early beta mode, but I need more help testing it and I need more ideas. So post bug reports/feature requests!
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03-09-06 06:51 AM by: JoshBorke
Well, I've gotten what I think will be the final setup for the GUI of loot-tracker. I'm pretty pleased with it. I wasn't able to make it in the same style as say the quest log or tradeskill window, but oh well.

When you click options, it will just be a simple menu that has:

Show LootTracker
Lock LootTracker
Include Bank Items
Include All Toons
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03-07-06 07:01 AM by: JoshBorke
Ok, so thanks to my wonderful friend Drood friend on Stormreaver, LootTracker has been plugging away slowly. I am redoing the way sets are managed.

No longer will sets be per character. Instead, sets are attached to a server and all toons can view all the sets on that server. This gets rid of ownership of sets and of duplicate set name problems.

I'm also making the configuration window a little more friendly. All of the check-boxes will be in a small window like they are. The sets configuration will be done in a seperate window that looks similar to:


The actual window will fit into the WoW scheme if there is enough room.

Please keep the bug reports and feature suggestions coming. I need recomendations on all parts of the mod.
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02-28-06 03:38 PM by: JoshBorke
Added loot-tracker to wow-interface.

Hopefully more people will download and post bugs now. It's a really cool add-on I think, just need people to try it out.