03-05-12 05:33 AM by: Boradan
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I got tired of wasting Lavascale Minestrone and asking druids or pallies to buff me so I could check my Defense stats (Dodge/Parry/Block) when Raid Buffed to ensure I was reaching the CTC cap (102.4%), if I wanted to regem/reforge or simply got a new item.

This Addon is based on the excellent Defstats addon which added an extra line to your Character Frame to show your total avoidance and Combat Table coverage.

It adds the same info that DefStats gave, but allows you to change your stats to allow for raid buffs, or to use if you want to reforge or change gems / items. The changes you make are updated to your Character Frame showing your RAID Buffed / gemmed stats.

The info will tell you your Combat Table Coverage, and if you hover over it, the tooltip expands on the info given.
The tooltip tells you your NEW Dodge/Block/Parry % and your Combat Table Coverage with all your modifications included in the values.

Version 2 also includes an Adjustment window to see the effect of gemming/enchanting/item changes on your CTC.
How to use it:
Lets say you want to change a 20 parry / 20 mastery gem for a 40 mastery one.
By doing so, you no longer gget the socket bonus of +30 Parry.

The total changes that you would make are :
+20 mastery: The initial gem had +20, the new gem has +40, so your mastery will increased by 20.
-50 Parry. The Initial gem had +20 parry and the socket bonus (which you are going to lose) was +30 Parry. Your Parry rating is going to be reduced by 50 if you swap your gems.
Simply enter +20 into the Mastery Adjustment, and -50 into the parry adjustment. Your CTC stats (Both current and raid buffed) will instantly update to reflect the changes.

**DO NOT HAVE ANY BUFFS PRESENT WHICH AFFECT YOUR % (Mark of the Wild, Kings, Battleshout, Horn of Winter or well fed buffs). THE ADDON ASSUMES YOUR CURRENT STATS ARE UNBUFFED**

This addon is aimed specifically at Warriors and Paladins.

**If you use a trinket like 'Resolve of the undying' which provides a buff to your rating, add the total from your stacks into the 'Dodge' adjustment box (e.g. LFR version = +780 dodge, DS10 Version = +880 Dodge)**
The addon does not (nor should it) factor in procs or 'on use' from enchants (Windwalk) or trinkets.
This addon is only suitable for LVL 85 Chars.


1. Check your Buffs to see if you have any relevant ones. If so, remove them from the equations so the info is always correct.
2. Check to ensure druid and DK dodge/Parry is calculated correctly.
3. Check to see if 'Resolve of the Undying' is equipped, and if so, factor in the stacks from the trinket. - No longer necessary due to being able to input this manually.
4. Make it useful for Chars below level 85 (possibly).