Welcome, in this page you find the latest changes on: Details!, PVPScan and Hot Corners.
If you are a streamer or youtuber, you know how important is for the viewer know which spells you are casting, who is the target, is the target a healer, dps?

All this stuff are handle by this plugin

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02-10-16 07:29 AM by: Tercioo
This addon is a improvement for quality of life and it can sell to a vendor your gray, green, blue items also can sell soulbound and low level epic items. Everything configurable.

Main Screen:
To open it, click on the "A.S." button at a vendor window, if you target a merchant npc standing on the Salvage Yard it also auto open.

Sell Green Equipment: when enabled, sells green armor and weapons respecting the item level threshold set by you.

Sell Blue Equipment: when enabled, sells blue items too.

Auto Sell Gray: when opening a merchant window, auto sells junk items (gray).

Auto Open: when talking with a merchant and opening the merchant store, auto opens the Auto Seller window.

Sell Soulbound Equipment: sells soulbound equipment in your backpack which passes by the addon rules, won't sell items with item level higher than 611 at all.

Sell Low Level Epic Equipment: sell epic items with an item level lower than 600, good for your firelands runs.

Ignore List: the addon won't sell the items added on the list.
It's important when you add an item on the list to also leave a comment here with the name of the item you added, so we can add the item on the built-in black list for other users.

Transmog: open the transmog panel showing all non soulbound equipments, you may hover over to see how it looks like in your character.

AH Prices: open the auction house panel showing non soulbound items in your backpack with the auction price.
You need to have an auction house addon installed, currently supported are: TSM, Auctionner, Auctionator, TheUndermineJournal.

Item Level: set the item level limit. Items with ilevel higher than this will not be sold.
For instance, you want disenchant items above item level 460 for Draenic Dust and all other you want sell, so, just set the item level limit to 460.

Vendor Gold: sells items with vendor price in gold higher than what is set on this option ignoring the item level.

Auction Price: won't sell items with a auction price higher than set on this option. Need an auction addon installed.

Sell Items: starts to sell.

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11-04-15 10:08 AM by: Tercioo
FlashTaskbar is an added which makes the icon of World of Warcraft at the Windows taskbar flash/blink when some events happen inside the game.
This helps you to safely Alt-Tab and do whatever you want on your computer without having to worry in losing a queue or any other important stuff.

Version v1.6 adds:
- Warlock's Summon
- Group Invite
- Premade Groups
- Pet Battles
- World PvP (Ashran)
- Brawler's Guild
- Trade Window Opened
- Pet and PvP battles invite request
- Disconnect
- Bags full

A full list of alerts can be found on the addon's page at: link.
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09-15-15 01:22 PM by: Tercioo
General Changes:
- Added a custom display for Crowd Control Received.
- Weak Aura Creator Tool, now has full support for BigWigs and Dbm time bars.
- Auras for interrupt and dispelling has been added on the Weak Aura Creator Tool.
- Details! Forge now has support for DBM and BigWigs time bars.
- Solo Plugins now has a close button on their panels.
- Fixed damage/healing score message after a boss kill.
- Now, an alert to open the history panel is shown after killing a boss.
- Added a 'all-displays' menu when right clicking title bar.
- Removed few texture from bookmarks panel, now it has a more clean appearance.
- Updated Details! Framework.
- Added option in order to change the bar orientation.
- Added an option to make the menus on title bar work with clicks instead of hovering over them.
- Healing for battleground enemies is now placed on healing done instead of enemy healing done.
- Improvements on our support for Arena battles.
- Fixed some issues on the Player Detail Window.
- Fixed encounter time on title bar text.
- Fixed death display tooltip, wasn't respecting the font and size set on options panel.

New Arena support on Chart Viewer:

New 'All-in-One' display menu accessed by clicking with right mouse button at the title bar.
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09-03-15 12:41 PM by: Tercioo
General Settings:

- Added an alert for rare respaws (alert for all rares by default).
- Added an alert when finished taxi travels (disabled by default).
- Added an alert for combat log in order to track specific target names (disabled by default).
- Added an alert for chat phrases, now is possible alert for npc yells (disabled by default).

New Options Panel:
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08-19-15 04:01 PM by: Tercioo
General Changes:
- Added '/details wipe' slash command.
- Added 'spinal healing injector' on custom display 'Health Potion & Stone'.
- Added an option to disable stretch button and bar highlight.
- Added the overheal made by pets on tooltip and player details window.
- Improvements on Weakauras creation from Encounter Details plugin.
- Disabling nicknames now also disable avatars.
- Fixed miscrodisplays font selection wasn't showing all fonts.
- Fixed report for custom display Crowd Control.
- Fixed role icons on custom displays.
- Fixed item level of timewarped items.
- Fixed title text width when auto-hide menu buttons is enabled.
- Fixed background alpha after stretching which wasn't correctly coming back to original color.
- Fixed an issue with dropdown boxes where wasn't showing all options.
- Fixed ticket #51: API Call 'GetCombat("overall")' wasn't returning the overall combat object.
- Fixed ticket #50: issue opening icon selection frame.

Weakauras integration: creating a DBM timer in the middle of the screen.
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08-18-15 05:27 PM by: Tercioo
General Changes:
- Added a flash when your character enters in combat.

More Info: http://www.wowinterface.com/forums/s...ad.php?t=52617

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08-07-15 10:08 AM by: Tercioo
General Changes:
- Added an option for lock micro displays. When locked they don't interact with mouse or stay on top of menus.
- Fixed ticket #49: death display not working correctly with sort direction bottom-to-top.
- Fixed ticket #47: Title bar font resets with UI reload / relog.
- Fixed ticket #46: Icon select panel wasn't opening.
- Fixed ticket #45: Windwalker icon for Mistweaver monks.
- Fixed an issue with death display where the text wasn't updating their width correctly.
- Fixed an issue with energy and miscellaneous displays type not working correctly with bar animations.
- Fixed an issue while loading old profiles wans't updating their values for newer versions of the addon.
- Fixed an issue with bookmarks panel not opening correctly.
- Fixed title bar text changing its font after logon.
- Fixed issue with vehicles exchanging ownership, e.g. Soulbound Constructor on HFC raid.
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07-17-15 10:26 AM by: Tercioo
General Changes:
- Major improvements on the aura tool creation for WeakAuras.
- Fixed some issues with spec icons where sometimes it shows four small icons.
- Added an option to show a stopwatch on the title text showing the elapsed time of an encounter.
- Window title text now shrinks correctly when isn't enough space for it.
- For some special cases, left click now open the report window and shift+click shows the tooltip content in the window.
- Damage Taken by Spells now are a part of Damage bracket (no more on custom).
- Fixed custom functions for the customized bar left text.
- Improvements on report text format and also reverse option now works as intended.
- Removed the option for report only what is shown in the window.
- Added skins for report panel, the skin follow the skin selected for Player Detail Window.
- Fixed an issue with Encounter Details graphic for Archimonde encounter.
- Numbers format on Player Detail Window now respect the format chosen on options panel.
- Removed pet icons on Player Detail Window.
- Fixed some wrong textures on spec icons.
- Improvements on all skins for the Player Detail Window.

- New skin for report window: