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09-19-18 12:00 PM by: pretoast
Hi there!

I'm an addon enthusiast turned (still learning) developer.

I'm the author of weizPVP, which started after years of World PVP and wanting something better for myself and friends after using some other addons for quite a while.

As I learn more about Lua and the WoW API I may make some other addons, but for the time being the main focus is just into weizPVP and continue to learn more and use everything I've learned on it's development.

Reporting Issues / Contact
I'm still working on better dealing with posting update and checking both wow interface and curse, but due curse having a bigger audience I generally get more feedback on there, so that turned into my go-to.

Hopefully I'll get something setup so that neither site is used more for info and issues and can just be a place to host packages. At the moment it isn't a priority tho, so I still will be checking things often on both.