09-12-21 11:38 AM by: keivamp
I have recently got back into playing World of Warcraft and the mod I am going to keep updated is Inked.

I have some things planned for Inked - future plans but plans nonetheless
Over the next few days I will be constantly updating PsychoUI to include cool new features that have been developed for it's use. I am also going to be doing some script overhauls, they won't effect how it runs just the way the code runs. A new action bar system has been developed. New graphics are coming and a change to the Unit Frame looks.
08-08-20 01:06 PM by: keivamp
I am sorry to announce that I am halting all developmenet on InkedSV Super Villain to show drveoj the respect they deserve since they do not approve of the mod being called Super Villain and the have the rights to SVUI. I am sorry everyone but respect must be given.
12-28-19 05:49 PM by: keivamp
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