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Welcome to the Home of Bartender3 and HotCandy and all my other (future) AddOns.
Please always check here before complaining elsewhere.

I hope this portal will allow you and me to track all bugs/feature requests as they come in and increase the efficiency with which i can work on those.
Hi there,

the latest official version of Bartender3 is revision 19501, which includes follwing fixes:
- Page swapping using the bindings from the default UI works now.
- That also means, Bar1 will react to /changeactionbar macro commands and ChangeActionBarPage() script commands
- Right-Click self-casting works again
- The FuBar Plugin is now actually moveable and behaves like it should.
- You can overwrite the button lock with holding down Shift to drag spells out of the action bars.
- The Rows option for the MicroMenu Bar is enabled and working now.
- You can now disable the hotkey display per bar.
- A major bug was fixed, which caused major FPS loss on some setups.
- And of course, lots of other Bugfixes and changes.
There are also some known bugs which are being worked on right now
- Changing the profile does not work
- Keybindings disappear when opening the default WoW Keybindings Interface
- Keybindings on bars other then bar1 do not show, and do not register with BT3 - i acknowledged that as a bug now.
And i know that the keybinding system needs a complete rewrite - its not user friendly at all. I might change back to Gello's ClickBinder again, since its at least more userfriendly until i can figure out a good way to use the Blizzard Interface.

Thats all for now, expect a new release later today which fixes at least the profile bug.
12-08-06 05:45 AM by: Nevcairiel
Welcome to Nevcairiel's new author portal. This is where you can find my news, report bugs, submit feature requests, read the faq and more. Thanks for stopping by!