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Thanks for checking out my interface portal! Here you will find ImprovedWorldDefense and any other mods I may release in time! For the moment, this will serve as a base for feedback and discussion about IWD (and it's upcoming Ace2 implementation!).
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06-30-07 02:51 AM by: tattooedpierre
I've updated all addons. I have work to finish on Health Values as it still only shows player health values (not party). This is my 1st Priority. IWD and SurgeOfLight are, a far as I can see, feature complete.
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02-13-07 02:09 AM by: tattooedpierre
Uploaded v1.4 with draggable alert frame, external zone file, code cleanup, new /iwd options, more TBC zones and some more bits and pieces.
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02-04-07 05:53 PM by: tattooedpierre
Uploaded v1.3.9. Really pleased with this version. Seems to have no bugs.. I hope.
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02-03-07 12:39 AM by: tattooedpierre
I have the next version ready to go! This is by far the best release in terms of completeness. FuBar supports is complete. It works as intended, so hopefully this is good news! The tooltip is fixed, and it does remove zones when they pass their timeframe.

I will upload this version once I have collected more zone data to get you a head start with common zones in TBC. Should be before next week.
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01-29-07 01:04 PM by: tattooedpierre

Sorry guys, I seem to have left on some of my debugging code. I'll upload a fixed version hopefully tonight that will strip out those chat alerts on zoning into unknown areas. On the plus side, I *think* I fixed FuBar completely. Anyone care to let me know if you're having issues with it?

One quirk I have noticed. The FuBar tooltip does not remove entries older than 5minutes. Now I'm in two minds as to whether this is a 'bad thing' or not.

It might be useful to be able to see at a glance recent areas of PvP attack. And IWD will reuse the tooltip lines anyways.. so you don't lose out on functionality. It's no issue to alter this. So if you have a prefernce, let me know