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    Welcome to Xolan's World Of Torment!

    I'm currently working on Periscope and another unamed mod with the same functionality, but with better performance, better code, localization, and a more intuitive piece of software in general.

    Feedback is much appreciated!
    07-25-08 05:41 PM by: Xolan
    'Lo lads of Warcraft!

    I'm back after about 1,5 years of absense. I got drafted by the military in 07 and I've been focusing on school for a while after that.

    NeverForget is dead. I don't use it, and don't see a reason to work on it again. Other mods does the same thing way better. Besides, it was mostly an experiment on my part.

    Xolpass has been renamed to Periscope, and I've released an official update since my absense and Jaim Sandar's fan updates. I appreciate what he's done for the mod, and Periscope's built upon his latest version.

    I plan on rewriting the mod, but for now I'm experimenting with new function for Periscope, with new updates for every "stable" new feature I implement. It's extremely messy, but works. The rewrite will perform better, and have a better code in general.

    Continued support from the mod community is alpha/omega for any mod author, and I hope you check out my projects and give me some feedback.

    Spread the word - Xolan is BACK.
    01-13-07 12:12 PM by: Xolan
    A simple compass, in a simple horisontal form.
    01-10-07 01:48 PM by: Xolan
    Neverforget is a mod I made to make healer assignments in raids easier, and as the mod name states I wanted something that made it so people wouldn't bloody forget their assignments!

    So, originally the plan was just to be able to assign targets/duties and send it to the clients and pop up a window with their "orders". I added an option to send it to the chat as well though so that if some slacker didn't have the mod yet everyone could still get their orders (though the ones with the mod gets that nifty minimal window).

    I will never extend the purpose of this mod any further. Smaller mods that adds the functionality you want > bigger mods with loads of unneeded functionality.

    Future plans for NeverForget:
    • Class coloring
    • Raid assistants/leaders should be the only ones allowed to publish or send the assignments.
    • Ability to make custom duties.
    • Actually figure out how Saved Variables work :P
    01-10-07 05:22 AM by: Xolan
    Welcome to Xolan's new author portal. This is where you can find my news, report bugs, submit feature requests, read the faq and more. Thanks for stopping by!