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12-19-06 07:15 AM by: crispytown
With the bringing of WoW 2.0 line of patches the bars had some issues to start with. Now they are in working order. Not to say there may still be some issues that are not noticeable. But I am working on getting theses fixed also. Once again thank you for checking out this portal page and thanks for checking out my add-ons.

I am updating all the mods to the new WoW engine patch number. They are almost all updated.

Also NEW Mod "PetstuffBar" will give you an extra bar for your pet stuff that does not get added into the main pet setup from Blizzard. Check it out for you hunter setup. Nice config to go with it.
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05-12-06 10:01 PM by: crispytown
A new bar has been added to the collection. TOTEMBAR for shamens.

Check it out if you wish.

I have decided after completeing the code segment for the minimap icon.... This will not be in my bar mods.

Reasons: (example done with TradesBar)
1. Memory useage. It increased atleast 3x from about 301kb to just over 1mb.
2. Load time Increase. It went from a 0.031 average to 0.162 average.

These are based on ten load times on the same system.

Furthur information... the increase on the TradesBar load time and memory for the hide/unhide for combat was so small that it didn't even matter. I am basing it on events that I already had regestered. Nothing new but 1 small function of 5 lines I think and placeing that function in two events that I had stuff going on with already.

Also in the next versions of the bars the message that loads at start will be no more. It will be removed from all my bars as new releases are made. I was getting tired of them also. :-) HeHe
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04-22-06 09:32 AM by: crispytown
TrapsBar and AspectBar will be joining this sites add-on archive. Used for Hunters... I hope you all like. :-