Welcome to MoonWitch's Bewitching Vortex

You won't find magical spells here, but instead I offer you the next best thing: Add-ons, plugins for existing add-ons and small modifications for WoW. All interfaces found here, have been tested to the best of my ability, despite that - of course - I can not assure you that nothing bad will happen. Things such as Demon Monkeys spawning from your optical drives (I stole this line from Taffu.) or all your hair suddenly bursting into flames.

If anything does go wrong, excluding flaming hair and demon spawns, you can just let me know and I'll do my best to resolve the issues.

You can find me on WoWace (see links) as MoonWitch, in game I can be reached on the US Tanaris Server as Marillian (Or Ynarah), both are Alliance though. (You can best mail me if you must reach me in game)
11-16-07 11:52 AM by: MoonWitch
Welcome to my new portal. I am a new Interface-modifying persona, so I don't claim to be uber in whatever I do, but I try my best. My main focus will be in changing the default blizzard UI elements to suit my own needs (and yours too now ) without adding much strain to a system, seeing as my own gaming rig is quite old now.

Whereas most people here actually write mods, I like to think of myself as a beautifier, I try to enhance the look of things. In case you wonder how I come up with ideas, I think in themes. I am a web designer and ported my methods over to WoW UI design. eg. I would like to create a style in stone, then I will make the textures for minimap, icons, cyCircled etc to match the theme. I dislike disharmony in look and feel, so you most likely won't catch me making UI containing flashy colors - though I may one day just for kicks :P