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06-07-13 09:35 AM by: A_Nolan
i have turned all the main localization details to internal like quest, zone, and items names and am trying to clean it up (working on de-globalizing it *shrug*)
  • 1st German -- 357 out of 2457
  • 2nd Russian -- 491 out of 2457
  • 3rd French -- 817 out of 2457
  • 4th Spanish -- 820 out of 2457

  • 1st German -- 0 out of 172
  • 2nd Russian -- 12 out of 172
  • 3rd French -- 86 out of 172
  • 4th Spanish -- 86 out of 172
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04-14-13 01:19 AM by: A_Nolan
just watching it with my kid love it

bleach - naruto - soul eater - Sym-Bionic Titan - thunder cats - Eureka 7 - Tenchi muyu gx - fma b - cowboy bebop - inu yasha

and just went off samurai 7 - Deadman Wonderland - Casshern Sins - Ghost in the Shell

without it most (including myself) wouldn't get the chance to see a lot of them all the way through.

i know most a-type otaku (big fans) don't like dubbed anima but i really don't care i'v learned a few words and phrases but if they can keep to the true spirit of the show (unlike sailor moon) i don't care. I actually like battle of the planets as well as Science Ninja Team Gatchaman and pokemon(american) is said to be better than the japanize version.

so thank you toonami for introducing a new generation of otaku to more anime than hentai (if you don't know don't ask).
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08-03-12 07:52 PM by: A_Nolan
Hi I'v just taken over Factionizer (12.07.01) so wish me luck. I have posted M.O.P. beta.

This addon displays
how many reputation points are missing to the next reputation level in your reputation window
extended reputation detail window showing how many points you need for your next reputation level
how much reputation you can gain by handing in completed repeatable/daily quests and gathering quests.

I have not kept up my old mods because of the failure of fubar . I have been given authorship from gOOvER for this wish me luck.

If you want to help as a Developer please let me know. Every helping Hand is wellcome
These are the files i use and the people who make them

now you Know the files next time want you sing with me (sorry to funny )