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    Welcome to my own little corner of WoWI. Feel free to submit bug reports and feature requests, however for your sanity (and most of all mine ), please do try to follow the guidelines, described below :

    Bug reports consisting solely of the following sentences may be looked into but chances are, they will most likely be ignored/trashed.
    1. "<Addon Name> doesn't work."
    2. "When <Addon Name> loads it throws an error: '<single line error>'"
    3. "I have this problem caused by a conflict with another addon, which you explained on your addon's page that I never bothered to read."
    4. "I have this error, that has been reported since ages, you already fixed and pushed up a new build out but I didn't install it yet"

    I have seen my fair share of bug reports in the past and users behaving as outlined above and quite honestly, it ain't pretty. It complicates things more than it has to, since it leaves doubts about the well-being of said addon not only to others that are interested in downloading/using the addon but most of all to myself. Be as descriptive as you have to be in order for the author to be able to reproduce your issue (assuming it's not something blatantly obvious) and pinpoint exactly what's going on. You are obviously not obliged to write an essay (and that's not what I'm asking) but ultimately if you cannot take the time to compile a semi-decent bug report, I will likewise not take the time to look at it. If that makes me an elitist (censored), then so be it.

    That being said, make yourselves at home