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Welcome to my portal.

The main attraction is Ghost: Pulse, my icon-based alert mod. I'll be adding one or two 'lesser' mods in the near future after I tidy up some code and put the majority of Ghost: Pulse's current requests to rest.

Please use the bug report and feature request facilities provided to let me know where there's a problem, or to post any ideas on what would make my mods more useful to you.

Thanks for dropping by.
05-06-08 12:44 AM by: Footrot
GP2 has been committed to the WoWAce SVN - translators, go nuts!!! Also, WowAceUpdater should work on it.
05-05-08 06:56 AM by: Footrot
Ghost: Pulse 2 - Now Available

Thanks for your patience. GP2 is now available. Please check it out. I've spent a fair amount of time testing everything, but invariably, something will slip through.

Please use the bug reports section here to report anything amiss, and I'll be sure to get straight on it.
05-02-08 10:28 PM by: Footrot
Just another status update. GP2 will be released when I get the CC, Life Tap/Dark Pact and Mana Potion alerts done. Then, we're ready to go. Some features aren't going to make it into the first 2.0 release because although they work, they're a bit 'kludgy' and want to wait until they're 100%.

Stay tuned.
04-30-08 06:14 PM by: Footrot
Okay, GP2 is 'getting there'. So far, no bugs, which is good. Some extra features have been added...

- The sound dictionary has evolved in a 'specifics' section. Specific events can not only have a specific sound to play, but also a limit or threshold. For a stacking debuff for example, setting a limit means that the alert won't fire until the debuff stacks up to the limit. This way, you won't be alerted until the debuff is stacked to 5, if that's what you'd prefer.

- Raid leaders/assistants can share frame configurations with other GP2 users in the raid, to be sure that everyone knows for sure they're in a flame patch for example. Sick and tired of people not being environmentally aware! These 'shared' frames can be removed in bulk after the raid, or kept permanently if you like them. People can also block incoming shared frames if they wish.

- Contemplating an SCT-style pre-warning mechanism based on the icons, instead of text. This may or may not make it 'live', we'll see.

There will be a slight delay in delivering GP2 because I need to 'tighten the bolts' on everything before I release it. Anyone interested in running a beta version should contact me via PM.
Just thought I'd post some news on the status of GP2, since it's been almost a week since GP was updated (!).

After taking GP2 through Karazhan last night (and into SSC tonight), GP2 is almost ready for delivery, so here is what you can expect (new stuff that the current version of GP doesn't do)...
  • Dispell/decurse alerts let you know when someone in your group (party/raid) gets a debuff that you can cure.
  • Whitelist/blacklist per alert type (buff, debuff, cooldowns, bags etc) as well as per frame.
  • Bag item cooldowns shown you the actual item you last used for items with shared cooldowns (provided you still have any of the item left in your bags).
  • Minimum/maximum cooldown times can be specified on a per-alert basis (bags, pet cooldowns, player cooldowns etc).
  • Alpha level, fade in, fade out and hold times now configurable on a per-frame basis.
  • Other new alert types include buffs fading, threat and dispell/decurse (magic, poison, disease and curse), target/focus spell casts, target/focus buff gains/fades.
  • Much improved infrastructure for better expansion with new alert types in the future, and greatly improved CPU usage. Ace2 is only used for localization, profiles and configuration now - all alerts are now Ace-free.
  • Option to increase the size of the font used on pulses that 'Show Text'.
  • Customisable texts for the alerts.
  • Customisable colors and text for the early warnings.
Expect GP2 to be released by around this time next week, all going according to plan.