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File: ViksUI08-26-13
Changing Talents
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So, this isn't really a major issue, just more of an annoying one. I was doing some stuff for the Brawler's Guild on my hunter, and i had to change a few glyphs and talents. Changing the glyphs worked fine with no issues, but i would switch one talent fine, and then i would try and switch another and it wouldn't let me, going on to s...
File: ViksUI08-23-13
Re: Bugs with the new pack...
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Hey! So I love this UI and think it's positively gorgeous, and works like a dream for the most part. Just a couple things need to be addressed (I've included screenshots for you). This is a brand new download with a new, clean WTF and Interface folder. I tested everything to see if these glitches had to do with any other addons I hav...
File: Bestwarrior's UI12-16-11
Re: Re: Reflux
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whats the name of the addon which changes the grapgics of your char screen where the stats etc are viewable?? Well Reflux is the addon that moves everything into place. The addon that shows Mail, Currencies, Guild, etc. on the bottom right of the UI is SLDataText. The slash command is /sldatatext if you want to mess around with it.
File: Bestwarrior's UI12-11-11
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All I did was do /reflux save and made sure the profile was set to Boda UI. I can run it again tomorrow (not enough time tonight) and tell you exactly what I did if you like :)
File: Boda UI Revamped (Bestwarrior's UI)11-27-11
Glad to see someone was inspired by...
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Glad to see someone was inspired by my UI and able to make something out of it. i've always loved your UI :). Just added some minor tweaks. You got a amazing UI buddy :)
File: Boda UI Revamped (Bestwarrior's UI)11-26-11
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Hope everyone is enjoying the UI :). I'll be updating tomorrow because i did change minor things. The only major change was the use of two different loot addons (XLoot w/ XLoot Monitor and TeksLoot). They can be found @ TeksLoot - http://www.wowinterface.com/downloads/info8198-teksLoot.html XLoot - http://www.wowinterface.com/d...
File: RealUI10-30-11
love the UI man :) keep up the work!
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love the UI man :) keep up the work!
File: Boda UI Revamped (Bestwarrior's UI)10-15-11
Re: Re: New UI
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Originally posted by Powatwoopa ok this might sound stupid. but what macros do you use on your hunter? or are u not willing to share those. I really don't use any. The only main ones i use are for the UI lol. Sorry buddy :/
File: Boda UI Revamped (Bestwarrior's UI)07-17-11
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Edit: Forgot to mention, frames look i guess you could say more "sleek". No addons required, they are outside the addon folder..multiple folders required. If you want those you need to have a fresh download. Sorry for that :/ Ok for all the hunters out there, the oUF_Caellian still had the pet happiness on the pet frame which kin...
File: Boda UI Revamped (Bestwarrior's UI)07-14-11
New UI
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Updating UI..loads of changes! New pics/addons, and addon info. coming right up! Edit: Everything is up and running..y'all should be good to go. Enjoy!
File: Boda UI - Discontinued.02-24-11
Originally posted by mintik ROFL,...
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Originally posted by mintik ROFL, I uninstalled the game. Then reinstalled it and your key bindings are permanent???? Lol I need to get this fixed right away. Is this connected to an online config or what? press the esc. key and go to the option "Key Bindings" then just click restore to default
File: FavChatBar02-21-11
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very nice and lightweight and something i've been looking for. Thank you very much! :D
File: The Ultimate Shaman UI 5.0.5 - 1920 x 1080 [16:9-WIDE]02-10-11
Top Bar
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is there any way you can just have the top bar with the LFG Deserter, Spellbook, Character, Volume, etc.? Thanks in advance :)
File: Boda UI Revamped (Bestwarrior's UI)12-22-10
Originally posted by ethanathaniel...
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Originally posted by ethanathaniel very nice UI finally a good UI I can use on my laptop I'm glad you enjoy it! :D
File: Boda UI Revamped (Bestwarrior's UI)12-06-10
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Update should be coming right after Cata release tomorrow. Thank you very much to everyone who has downloaded my UI :). Hope you all enjoy it!!
File: DerpyUI (alpha)11-30-10
Originally posted by AlleyKat whe...
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Originally posted by AlleyKat where to anywhere. Are you able to freely move them or are they stuck in that particular place? :)
File: DerpyUI (alpha)11-29-10
is there any way to move the chat p...
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is there any way to move the chat panels?
File: Boda UI Revamped (Bestwarrior's UI)11-29-10
Originally posted by camill whats...
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Originally posted by camill whats the resolution optimal for this one sorry i forgot to add it. I use a 1366x768 (Wide) laptop with the UI Scale at 1 :)
File: Tarynn UI11-28-10
Re: Re: Question
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Originally posted by Tarynn No that's cool, as long as you give me a small credit somewhere in the notes ;) haha don't worry i gave you most of the credit :)
File: Tarynn UI11-27-10
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Hey, I might upload a remade version of your UI and I'm wondering if I could get permission from you if I could. Don't want to upload it and you get mad at me for copying your work. :) Thanks
File: Tarynn UI11-26-10
Nice UI
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loving the UI :). Thanks for your hard work!
File: MinimapMod 10-26-10
Thank you!!
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Thank you so much for uploading this addon! I was looking for something exactly like this yesterday and yours is by far the best to use. Thanks again man :)
File: Boda UI - Discontinued.10-22-10
Re: Re: Messed Up
Posted By: bestwarrior
Originally posted by Bodasafa This is the only solution I can think of. You need to complete these steps in order or it won't work. 1) Back up and remove or completely delete your WTF and Interface folders. 2) Download my UI and delete Cool Down Count and Status Window. Then drop the folders in. 3) DO NOT UPDATE any mod...
File: Boda UI - Discontinued.10-22-10
Messed Up
Posted By: bestwarrior
Hey man first off i'm loving the UI. Just a few problems though atm. KG Panels doesn't recognize your profile and the panels are non existent. I downloaded the latest version today and this is what happened. Another thing is SBF messed up as well and doesn't recognize your profile, too. Same thing i downloaded the latest version toda...
File: Boda UI - Discontinued.10-15-10
Can't Download
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Hey! first off your UI looks amazing. There's one problem though: i can't download it. It downloads as a .rar instead of a actually ZIP File. Any ideas on how to fix this so it can download properly in a folder? Thanks in advance!