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File: ColorPickerPlus02-25-17
Re: Potentially stupid question...
Posted By: jaslm
As an author of AddOns, how would I support this in my code? Is it a drop n replace for the default colour picker? There is an AceOptions-3.0 call to "color" to use the colour picker in the Interface/AddOns list; will that be affected? Your code simply makes calls for the default ColorPicker. If the user has the ColorPickerPlus a...
File: ColorPickerPlus12-08-16
R35 - major changes to ColorPickerPlus
Posted By: jaslm
The latest version of ColorPickerPlus involved major changes to override the problems with the Blizzard ColorPicker API. It includes a different way of entering color values with a hue bar and saturation/brightness gradient square, and adds a palette in which you can store your own 36 colors. There is no "copy/paste" anymore, bec...
File: ColorPickerPlus10-31-16
ColorPickerPlus not displaying properly
Posted By: jaslm
The default ColorPicker and ColorPickerPlus are both somewhat broken. It will take a change by Blizzard to fix this problem. Here's what I reported: The ColorPickerFrame display does not reflect the color passed in on the ColorSelect:Show call. This can be seen in the color wheel, bar and swatch. The initial display shows white...
File: ColorPickerPlus08-15-16
The shift-copy to print 0-100 value...
Posted By: jaslm
The shift-copy to print 0-100 values feature is currently broken. The issue is that IsShiftKeyDown() == 1 is used to see if the shift key is being held. This function has returned true/false rather than 1/0 for some time now. Changing line 98 to; if IsShiftKeyDown() then Has fixed it on my client. Thank you, pikadude1006. T...
File: ColorPickerPlus07-31-16
Most addons use values between 0-1...
Posted By: jaslm
Most addons use values between 0-1 for colors can you add that as an input? Most users have access to external color tables in RGB or Hex, and I'd rather not complicate the interface just for WoW add-on writers. They can always multiply the 0-1 value by 255 for the RGB value. Some time back I added the shift-click on the Copy...
File: ColorPickerPlus02-21-11
Originally posted by BobJustBob G...
Posted By: jaslm
Originally posted by BobJustBob Great AddOn. I've been using EnhancedColorPicker for the longest time, and this was a nice upgrade, the hex input is really nice especially. :) Thank you!
File: ColorPickerPlus11-19-10
Originally posted by Astrocanis I...
Posted By: jaslm
Originally posted by Astrocanis It would be nice if it were capable of being called independently. This addon works to extend the basic color picker within the game, so any time you bring up the WoW color dialog it will have the additions this offers. I'm not quite sure what you're asking for. Could you explain a bit more?
File: ColorPickerPlus11-09-10
Originally posted by Xhelius The...
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Originally posted by Xhelius The only thing missing for me would be the ability to adjust the Alpha channel. EnhancedColorPicker allows this. Thanks ! ! ColorPickerPlus supports alpha channel input. See the second photo of the dialog box. It depends totally on the calling addon whether to allow adjustment of transparency.
File: ColorPickerPlus11-07-10
No bugs reported now
Posted By: jaslm
There have been over 300 downloads now, and no one has reported any problems or requested any enhancements for ColorPickerPlus. Enjoy.
File: ColorPickerPlus10-31-10
Originally posted by Moosetrax ju...
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Originally posted by Moosetrax just an fyi... I was getting a similar error after entering an instance, but I hadn't tried playing with the mod before entering the dungeon. My error also seemed like it might have had a conflict with ArkInventory, see bleow. This looks like the same bug in R11 that was reported by Limb0, and sh...
File: ColorPickerPlus10-30-10
"Attempting to rehook on already active hook OnShow"
Posted By: jaslm
Thanks for finding this one. Somehow I never tested bringing up the dialog after zoning elsewhere -- I was calling my initialization code more than once when that happened. An easy fix, and I'm checking it in now.