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File: ArenaPlates09-29-15
One can not move those frames with...
Posted By: Spyro
One can not move those frames with the addon, right? Possible feature incoming, please? :) ArenaPlates doesn't add any frames to the nameplates. Are you referring to the ArenaID FontStrings anchor offsets?
File: ArenaPlates10-18-14
Hey since WoD pre patch there is a...
Posted By: Spyro
Hey since WoD pre patch there is a visual bug. The nameplates show up fine and don't produce any LUA errors, though the player indicator number on the right hand side is completly missing. inclusive the border. I have changed the TOC version to 6.0 and it works like it did in 5.4.8, at least in my tests (totem list is not updated fo...
File: Rufio UI Classic06-22-14
Hi. Which srcript change location o...
Posted By: Spyro
Hi. Which srcript change location of totems-auras on player-frame? I want to change locate on top of frame, like a screen http://savepic.ru/5004009.png Download the addon ResourcesOnTop.
File: ResourcesOnTop01-03-14
Re: Re: Re: Cool addon and question for you.
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Thanks for the info but i have zero idea on how to make an addon. I will just leave it as it is. You only need to create 2 files and put them in a folder: ZexionUI.toc ## Interface: 50400 ## Title: ZexionUI ## Version: 0.1 ## Author: Zexion ## Notes: Zexion scripts ZexionUI.lua ZexionUI.lua PetFrame:ClearAllPoints()...
File: ResourcesOnTop01-02-14
Re: Cool addon and question for you.
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Hello I started using this addon and i like it alot makes it easier to see my resources easier since i having my player frame in the lower part of my screen. I do have a question though. my warlock's pet is still farther below my player frame as if the resources bar was never moved. Is it possible to also move the pet frame for warlo...
File: tullaCC12-30-12
attempt to index field 'updater' (a nil value)
Posted By: Spyro
I also get the "attempt to index field 'updater' (a nil value)" error all the time. :(
File: Icicle11-14-12
Add Blink
Posted By: Spyro
Thanks for this fantastic addon. You should add Blink to Mage Cooldowns, it's so important for melees to see that CD so you can stun the Mage while is on CD. :D Also, an option to remove borders would be very good. :p
File: FocusFrame11-02-12
FocusFrame modification question
Posted By: Spyro
Tageshi I want to ask you a question about a FocusFrame modification I want to code, since you are a expert on the matter. I want to make the FocusFrame to look like the PlayerFrame (with the portrait on the left, instead of the right), basically "invert" the FocusFrame. The purpose of that modification is to create the possibilit...
File: Gnosis (Castbars and Timers)12-16-11
Cut long spell names
Posted By: Spyro
Thanks for this awesome addon. :D How can I do to cut long spell names at X string length to be shown like "Unstable Afflic..."?