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File: Scrap (Junk Seller)03-28-10
I love the addon. Simple and almost...
Posted By: Kerwin
I love the addon. Simple and almost exactly perfect. I was wondering if it is possible to set Scrap to auto sell something that is soulbound, but only soulbound items I can't equip.
File: LightHeaded03-28-10
Originally posted by seanmcgpa I...
Posted By: Kerwin
Originally posted by seanmcgpa I have loved this mod for a long time. It's been 3+ months and a few patches.. can we expect an update soon with fresher wowhead information? yup
File: Peggle Add-on for WoW03-27-10
Posted By: Kerwin
Would it be possible for someone to post their saved variables for me? Pretty pretty please? I forgot to back up my WTF file when I installed the new caithUI.