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Hey people, just got his set up so that i could post details of projects and the like here once I get more time. Please use this Portal to submit feature requests, bugs and anything else you may want to direct my way.


Back in the game, back in the coding seat....
By: Shadowfaux - 10-21-09 01:04 AM
Shadowfaux's Avatar So after a very small hiatus i've returned with a slightly better knowledge of the lua language (bringing me up to "average understanding").

Equipped with this knowledge I intend to tidy up DILLIGAF and will be releasing V2 (since its basically a complete rewrite) complete with features requested by the community here and on Curse. Depending on how it goes getting the creases out of V2 i might have to just update the current version while i work on it, but either way people will receive a working bug-free version of DILLIGAF.

In other news i have my eyes set on getting used to almost the entirety of the WoW Chat and Unit Frame API so expect a few small, useful (but probably not original) addons once i have DILLIGAF nailed.