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Hi everyone,

Sorry for the late late late update.

SquidMod *GraficUpdate* v.2.4
I add the new Diablo III angel and demon grafic from Roth ( Thanks a lot for the great pictures!
Also i add a Kil'Jaeden and a Deathknight2 grafic. But the pictures are realy crap. Sorry but this was a test ^_^

EleganceUI v3.0b
Jeah jeah the new version from Elegance is out.
Check this

- imithat
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12-07-08 04:16 PM by: Imithat

Hi everyone,

I updated Elegance UI on this day.
I forgot to update the TOC version number on a few addons.
I updated the pack next weekend. Sorry for that.

Elegance UI @
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10-12-08 07:48 AM by: Imithat
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