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Shadowlands pre-patch (9.0.1)
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nUI : Action Bar [Grid Display]  Popular! (More than 5000 hits)

by: Xrystal [More]

Credit where Credit is Due
This ability was requested by Imakefood on these forums.

Tested Environments
WOW 9.0.1 with nUI

nUI by default does not display the grid frame regardless of the game settings to display buttons always. Possibly an oversight but just as likely an intended function.

However, with this addon you are able to ask nUI to permanently display or not display the gridlines on the bars as you require.

When the addon is first installed it may not reflect the interface options immediately. Either check the option and reload/relog or just wait for your next log in session.

Simply set the Always Show Action Bars option in the Interface->Action Bars options page and it will react accordingly with the buttons nUI sets up.

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Changes Made:
- Changed TOC to reflect 9.0 compatibility

Changes Made:
- Changed TOC to reflect 8.0 compatibility

Changes Made:
- Changed TOC to reflect 7.3.5 compatibility

Changes Made :
Changed TOC to reflect 5.1 compatibility

Features Available :
- Uses the built in option setting to show grid lines around buttons
Localization Available :
- enUS
- enGB
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Because I have turned off nUI's control of the action bars - hoping to have less bugs to fix because of them and seeing as edit mode pretty much does what nUI did - to a degree - we don't need this.

If I end up having nUI controlling the action bars again ( for one reason or another ) I will probably add this functionality straight into nUI as some sort of toggle ( either via the games settings or nUI's own ).

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