With the introduction of patch 5.0.4 I thought I would revamp my addons and portal pages.

In the process of changing my addons I am introducing a new versioning system. Instead of my original system which didn't help the user identify what it was designed for I am switching to the following:

WoW Release . WoW Version . AddOn Update No ( for the 2nd or more updates since that wow version was installed ). Some versions have a date value before the update no but these will be phased out.

EG. XInfo_AltLevel is now
This would show you the user that it was updated with that version in mind and thus you can see at a glance when it was last updated wow version wise and date wise. Hopefully I won't be making more than 99 changes a day haha.

All my addon pages will now point back to here for a centralised point of reference but I will also take account of posts on the addon pages itself.

AddOn Versions
XInfo_AltLevel -
XMage_Portals -
nUI_Infopanel_GuildChat -
nUI_Infopanel_Chat -
nUI_Infopanel_Whispers -

I am still waiting for my Dragonflight invite but alas, so far no joy. If anyone does have access let me know

But, I thought in the mean time I would see what the general current user base and past and future user base thoughts were towards nUI in the new expansion.

So, here goes.

In the event that nUI becomes all but useless in Dragonflight is there any part of nUI's feature set that you wish you had but either don't want to have the rest of nUI or the rest of nUI is just too much for your set up ?

What part of nUI's unique features do you find you use the most ?

Post responses here as a Dragonflight Feature Request or preferably on curse ( ) if possible. Thanks,

If I don't see anything on either site by the time Dragonflight is on PTR I'll start considering the best features I feel could work separately in the event nUI is even more of a pain to bandage.
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04-19-22 10:37 AM by: Xrystal
No one has contacted me since my last news post. But, good news, for now at least. I have just watched the DragonFlight video and based on what they have said so far ( Deep Dive still going on as I type ) I can honestly tell you I will be playing for at least the first 6 months as per each expansion so far.

My Addons

I will keep you updated as I learn more. The changes in the UI they have made may mean removals of my addons or a restart of my Xrystal UI idea to fit in with the new UI system they have designed.

nUI Status

Whether nUI will be adversely affected I don't know but where possible I will get it working for day to day game play but may have issues with dungeon and raid running as I don't usually do those. I will also attempt to get a Wrath Classic version of nUI once I know which version of wow it is based on.
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09-25-21 09:56 AM by: Xrystal
I have had a response from Scott and he is fine with me passing on management of nUI to someone else if any volunteers step forward. If you want to contact Scott directly in regards to access to the curseforge version he has confirmed that is okay too so here is his email address. ( [email protected] ). No rush, as I said in the earlier post I will be around at least another 2-3 years ( either when Palia comes out or the next expansion is released and nUI up and running with it.
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09-25-21 08:40 AM by: Xrystal
Just to give you a heads up, that I will be stopping addon work within the next year or two, between now and then I will bug fix to the best of my abilities and if/when there is another expansion and/or another Classic release I will endeavour to do one last round of updates to my addons including nUI, hopefully giving people another 2 years to find alternatives or someone to take over the addons in question.

If anyone wants to take over any of my addons ( not including wow ) you are welcome to do so. Send me a note and a link to your version of the addon and I will add a link to your page pointing people to the next version.

For nUI, I will need to contact Scott and see what he wants to do as he is still owner on Curseforge. So, I will make another post regarding that. But we should have time before that will be needed.

Where am I going ?
I am a part of the discord community waiting for the MMO Palia to come out in the next few years, and in the mean time there is New World which my Wow buddies are planning to play. How long I will play that for I don't know but at least by the time Palia is released I don't want to be tied down with addon management for a game I don't play anymore.
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08-29-19 10:19 AM by: Xrystal
Understandably nUI has taken the brunt of my development time on wow since Classic went live. I will get back to my addons at some point though. Those with more interest will get the priority however. I will endeavour to have a single addon work in both versions but not tested this possibility yet so will stick with different versions for the time being.

Version Number wise things are only slightly different.


Version is the wow version the addon was coded and tested on.
Revision is the revision the addon was coded and tested on.
Update is a rolling number starting with 0 to 9 showing a update cycle allowing up to 10 updates per Revision.
Each update number also has a single letter starting with 'a' after it allowing 26 individual mini development updates in each update cycle.


This is for Version 1.13.2 of Classic Wow and was tested under Revision 31650 and is the first update '0' which is on its 5th development update. - Last Final Update - Development Update 'a' based on Final Update '0' - Development Update 'b' based on Final Update '0a' - Development Update 'c' based on Final Update '0b' - Development Update 'd' based on Final Update '0c' - Development Update 'e' based on Final Update '0d' - Current Final Update '1' that has all the development updates from '0a' to '0e'