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Chains of Domination (9.1.0)
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Farming Bar  Popular! (More than 5000 hits)

Version: v2.1.7, Classic: v2.1.5
by: Niketa [More]

Farming Bar
Action bar to display and track farming objectives.

Farming Bar was inspired by FarmIt with the goal of improvement and maintenance. Be sure to explore the new interface and settings to familiarize yourself with any changes and new features.

Create an unlimited number of bars, which you can drag items onto in order to track your inventory.
Set farming objectives which can be tracked through personalized alerts.
Create complex objectives allowing you to track multiple items as mixed items objectives or shopping lists.
Adjust your bar settings with an easy to use interface. That means you don't have to use the chat commands unless you want to.
You can access the configuration interface by shift+right-clicking any bar's anchor button. You can also open the main interface using /farmingbar or /farmingbar help.

Please use the issue tracker for all feature requests and bugs. Any other comments are welcomed below.


# Farming Bar
## Version 2.1.7
- Updated icon databases.

## Version 2.1.6
- Updated TOC.
- Fixed lua error when not providing input into the bar ButtonID editbox. (See issue 26.)

## Version 2.1.5
- You can now select which chat frame to output alerts to

## Version 2.1.4
- Add Lockbox templates for BC, Wrath, Cata, MoP, WoD, Legion, and BFA

## Version 2.1.3
- ToC update

## Version 2.1.2
- Implement database backup and restore for users switching from version 3.0 back to the stable database

## Version 2.1.1
- Bug fixes
- -- Fixed incorrect error message localization for invalid currency
- -- Fixed lua error when typing letters into the Objective Builder currencyID editbox
- -- Fixed lua error when typing letters into the currencyID/itemID quick add editboxes
- -- Fixed currency button icon update in addon.UpdateSkin (missing .iconFileID)

## Version 2.1
- Compatible with Shadowlands 9.0 beta
- You can now mute alerts for individual bars
- You can now disable alerts for buttons with objectives that have already been completed per bar
- You can now track a bar's progress; e.g. 1/5 button objectives complete on this bar
- -- Bar progress alerts can be enabled/disabled or customized independently from button alerts
- You can now add a title to item objectives
- You can now opt to show button/bar tips on tooltips only when a modifier is held down
- Ctrl+clicking a bar anchor no longer opens Settings
- -- Alt+click now opens Settings
- -- Ctrl+click now toggles the bar progress tracker
- Added quality of life changes to the Objective Builder:
- -- You can now set objectives for currencies and items within the Objective Builder
- -- When opening an Objective Builder group, the first editbox is automatically focused
- -- Focusing an editbox will select the whole text
- -- Pressing shift+enter while focusing an editbox will focus the previous editbox, similar to how pressing enter focuses the next editbox
- -- Pressing ctrl+enter on the icon editbox will open up the icon selector ("Choose")
- -- Pressing ctrl+enter on the icon selector's search editbox will choose the current focused icon
- -- Pressing ctrl+enter will update the button ("Update Button") while focusing the following editboxes:
Currencies: currency ID or objective
Items: item ID, objective or title
Mixed Items or Shopping Lists: add item
- Added a new quick track editbox to buttons, similar to the objective editbox
- -- Ctrl+shift+click a button to quickly enter a currency ID (retail only)
- -- Ctrl+shift+right-click a button to quickly enter an item ID
- Global setting added to temporarily switch auto loot on when using items on buttons
- You can now include saved objective data when loading a user-defined template
- -- New global setting "Include Data" automatically includes objective data whenever loading a user-defined template
- -- New global setting "Include Data Prompt" prompts you to choose whether or not to include objective data when loading a user-defined template
- -- New global setting "Save Order" automatically preserves the objective order when loading a user-defined template
- -- New global setting "Save Order Prompt" prompts you to choose whether or not to save the objective order when loading a user-defined template
- -- The template load command now accepts two additional required arguments for include data and save order (respectively):
`/farmingbar template load 1 true false This Template Rocks`
- Bug fixes
- -- Fixed missing localization strings
- -- Fixed bug where item mover would not move reagents if the reagent bank wasn't purchased
- -- Fixed bug where Shopping List counts didn't add up correctly
- -- Fixed bug where changing showEmpties property on all bars at once would not persist through reload
- -- Fixed error with Quick Buttons when logging in/reloading during combat
- -- Fixed error when clicking the Help buttons to go to Alert Formats documentations
- -- Attempted to fix an inconsistent error sorting icons in the Objective Builder

## Version 2.0.7
- Removed extra code from me being lazy copy/pasting a fix

## Version 2.0.6
- Fixed a bug where button text wouldn't save its position when using a Masque skin
- Made anchor quick size buttons slightly larger and bar number slightly smaller so the buttons would be easier to click on

## Version 2.0.5
- Added a delay when moving items from shopping list from bank to bags to fix bags full error
- Adjusted the default alert format for has objective to only say objective complete when the objective is first met and to say farming progress above the objective
- Added buttons to reset has objective and no objective alert formats to default
- Changed message when clearing objectives to make sense in multiple scenarios

## Version 2.0.4
- Fixed counts for shopping lists
- Fixed sound files for classic
- Fixed issue where no sound alert played when gaining progress toward an objective
- Changed alerts while moving items so that screen alerts are shown on the moving progress window and chat/sound alerts are no longer suppressed

## Version 2.0.3
- Minor code cleanup
- Fixed an issue where open settings do not refresh when changes are made via slash commands.
- Revised the functionality of the broker icon:
- -- Left-click toggles settings
- -- Right-click toggles configuration
- -- Alt+right-click toggles mouseover
- -- Alt+ctrl+right-click toggles anchor mouseover
- -- Ctrl+right-click toggles visibility
- -- Shift+right-click toggles movability
- Added a new command alias: /fb
- Added the ability to toggle main command aliases off or on, in case of conflict with another addon
- Added alias for /farmingbar buttons: /farmingbar btns
- Added alias for /farmingbar template: /farmingbar tpl

## Version 2.0.2
- Fixed packaging issue.

## Version 2.0.1
- Attempt to fix error with GetFileDataClassic in retail version; it's a packager issue, so trying to work around that.

## Version 2.0
- Complete addon rewrite
- Added more options to customize the look and feel of your bars:
- -- Change the color of your count text to indicate bank inclusion, item quality, or a custom color
- -- Hide the four-point golden bank inclusion border
- -- Show a border indicating item quality
- -- Show a cooldown swipe on items
- -- Mouseover capability, including anchor mouseover only
- -- Toggle the visibility of empty buttons
- -- Change the number of buttons per row/column
- -- Change the size of buttons
- -- Change the padding between buttons
- -- Change the font of bars' text
- -- Change the position of count and objective texts
- -- Give your bar a name or description
- -- Masque skins support
- Added Objective Builder to create custom objectives beyond items:
- -- Currencies
- -- Mixed items (a combination of various items to complete one common objective)
- -- Shopping lists (a group of several item objectives required to complete the main objective)
- Shortcuts on bars and buttons have been added or changed:
- -- Added ability to open the Objective Builder from bar anchor and button (ctrl+right-click)
- -- Toggle bank inclusion has changed to alt+left-click; shift+left-click now moves an item as shift+drag support has been added
- -- Move items between your bags and bank via Alt+right-click (with additional shift and ctrl modifiers to customize behavior)
- Quality of life changes:
- -- Track and move items by drag and drop
- -- Configure all bars at once via the GUI
- -- Access commands via /farmingbar, /farmbar, /farm, /fbar
- -- Additional buttons to clear or tidy up bars
- -- Hide bar/button tips at the bottom of tooltips
- Commands have been completely revamped. See documentation in game.
- You can now customize alert messages
- Option to change alert sounds has been added
- Profile support added
- Templates for Mechagon items added

## Version 1.0.1
- Fixed a lua error from alerts.
- Added templates for retail, courtesy of tednik of WoWInterface.
- Updated ToC to reflect compatibility with Classic and Retail.

## Version 1.0
- Initial upload.
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