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Tobilishou5 03-26-12 09:40 AM

which were used addons?
hey guy's I've seen a youtube video and found the interface very very nice, can someone tell me what addons were used for and whether the skin to be seen in the video here

Waky 03-26-12 11:10 AM

Going through what I can see:

Unit Frames: X-Perl Unit Frames (Responsible for the ~AGGRO~ in the middle of the screen as well)
Cast bar: Quartz
Artwork AddOn: KGPanels (With imported artwork)
Threat Meter: Omen Threat Meter
Damage Meter: Recount
Top information bar: FuBar (Abandoned) I'd recommend using a LibDataBroker bar such as Bazooka. There are plenty others though.
Chat: Most likely Prat 3.0
Minimap: Looks like Sexymap with a custom skin set up
Bars: Most likely a generic bar addon like Bartender4 or Dominos, with ButtonFacade (now Masque Thanks AcidWeb)
Scrolling battle text: Probably MikScrollingBattleText
Raid Frames: Grid
Nameplates: Tidy Plates with ThreatPlates
DoT Timers above target frame: ForteXorcist (Thanks Xus)

AcidWeb 03-26-12 12:24 PM


Originally Posted by Waky (Post 254466)
ButtonFacade (which has been renamed and I don't know it the new name)

It was renamed to: Masque.

Waky 03-26-12 12:34 PM


Originally Posted by AcidWeb (Post 254470)
It was renamed to: Masque.

Thanks! I knew it still had something to do with facade lol.

Xus 03-26-12 12:47 PM

The DoT timers above the target frame are part of ForteXorcist. Shameless self-promotion FTW!

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