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Originally Posted by Lesteryoung View Post
Thanks kkThnx, the one you posted works the same as Munk's code basically. It clears selected windows without clearing all windows.

For some reason, it clears the combat log fine, but if you tab between the combat log views (What happened to me?) thing it repopulates the data you previously cleared. If this is unavoidable then it's fine, mainly just wanted to clear chat anyway.
Yah, now we can all thank Phanx as usual! Phanx has some pretty neat ways of coding things. You could learn a couple things.
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Originally Posted by Seerah View Post
that was Petrah's that he had quoted
Just to clarify, that's not my code. I got it from someone who shared it a very very long time ago on the official forums.
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The combat log entries are not stored in the message frame, so to speak, so it can be repopulated again. There seems to be a function CombatLogClearEntries() which sounds like it might do what you want.
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Originally Posted by Kkthnx View Post
Here you go

SLASH_CLEARCHAT2 = "/clearchat"

SlashCmdList.CLEARCHAT = function(cmd)
	cmd = cmd and strtrim(strlower(cmd))
	for i = 1, NUM_CHAT_WINDOWS do
		local f = _G["ChatFrame"..i]
		if f:IsVisible() or cmd == "all" then
I tested this window by window and this is what you are looking for 100%

Credits to Phanx / PhanxChat

How do you actually implement and use this in the game?
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I did that?
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Copy/paste the code to this website to create/download as an addon like any other. Add it to your AddOns folder and login (or /reload).

Type /clear (or /clearchat) in-game to use.
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WoWInterface » Developer Discussions » Lua/XML Help » Clear chat slash command.

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