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- Skip any Smite talents/activities. They are a waste of time/hps/mana.
- Act proactive with low mana costs - not reactive with high mana costs. Start casting Heal even if the tank is in a good shape and abort the spell if necessary.
- They want you to use Heal - so USE IT. Use PW:S and then Renew + permanant Heal/GH.
- Throw in a Penance if needed (don't use it on cooldown ... it's a waste of mana).
- Use FH as a panic spell only.
- If the group is taking damage (!) use PoM on cooldown + Renew. Don't use PoM if only your tank is taking damag ... it's a waste of mana.
- Use PoH as a panic spell only.

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Originally Posted by MoonWitch View Post
I've been happily healing as disc for a year or more. Never had issues. But now in cata, I can't seem to keep a party alive, I'm constantly oom!

Old ways :
Renew + pom + bubble on tank.
Keep pws and renew up. Pom when its off CD.
Use Penance when needed, flash heal as filler.

Now that leaves me dead on mana. So I switched to Heal as filler. Result is that I can barely keep my tank alive, let alone the party.
I've tried atonement smite healing, even more fail.

Every other priest in my guild even dropped healing, so now I have to heal or we can't raid at all anymore. I feel like I am a worthless healer now because I am having such an insanely hard time keeping ppl alive, the shadowpriest usually has to coheal in a normal dungeon.

Does anyone have any pointers because I am going mental over this!
I know what you mean. After now gearing up running 5 mans with ONLY guildies, getting the 346 gear has really helped out. Now I have epics it is even better on mana! You just have to bear with it and then it's smooth sailing from there

-However, for spell rotations, Inner Focus is your VERY best friend, use it everytime it's off CD, it counts toward a free PoH (make sure to glyph it) and a free Greater heal.

-Like others said, use heal when he's at or above 75%, then greater heal/Flash heal for anything lower. Stack lots of spirit and int, once gear is getting better, you can stack more int rather than spirit.
As long as there is a lot of CC going out, your mana should be ok.

Disc heals are some of the best healers right now for raiding, pulling more than 10k hps/absorbs, we're very useful and important for raids, keep your priest!!
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Originally Posted by Seerah View Post
Not a priest, but... I feel like I have to conjure water again. Before Cata, I stopped bothering since I never needed it... Yeah, we'll have to stop to drink, but it gives groups breathing time, catch up time, looting time...

As Marth said, WotLK was too easy. Before, you used to have to stop to drink every few pulls.
Oh my I remember that Seerah .. oh I killed a few mobs .. oh, no mana .. drink up time rofl.

CCd mobs = less damage = less mana use . Tie that into juggling which spells to use when and utilise as many of your procced freebies as possible. Believe me it helps.
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Originally Posted by Marthisdil View Post
Healers had it too easy the past few years. Any healer that doesn't admit that, well, I dunno what to tell ya.

Cata is a challenge for everyone - aggro is harder to keep up, healing is harder to keep up. The game is more enjoyable knowing that you have a chance to die if you don't play BETTER than you have before.

If you don't like the challenge, then perhaps you need to quit playing WoW now and find another game. WOTLK became a joke, Blizzard saw this, decided to make it hard again to force people to pay attention, play better, etc, and so it is what it is.
Agreed. But, while tanking became a little harder, healing became a LOT harder. And, to my recollection, there were a lot of very bad tanks in LK. I don't see that stopping much. I see there being fewer tanks. [edit] Sorry - that wasn't very clear. I see a lot fewer tanks because only two types will continue: those that are so dense that they really don't get it that they aren't good at tanking and those who are very stubborn.

As to healing - I have 5 of them. And I've pretty much stopped. I healed all through Vanilla, BC, LK but I am simply not enjoying the regression progression (pardon me there). I don't mind watching my mana. I object to the tools I'm forced to use. GC, in his almost infinite wisdom (and stellar ability to make George Orwell look like a piker) has given us "hard choices" by essentially removing all choice. That bugs the daylights out of me.

So, unless I can figure out how to have fun healing again, I'm done with it. The community is just fine without me, I won't be missed. Although my guild still isn't raiding because, you guessed it, we don't have the healers. My tank, close friend and officer in the guild keeps calling me asking me to level my healers. Not motivated to. I am not captivated by the new areas, I think the linearity of the quests will make leveling alts even less desirable and, in general, I don't care much for the quality and bugginess of the quests.

I'll just level a ton of alts to 60, I guess. The lowbie quests, at least, are relatively interesting.
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I just started again on a new account and my priest is level 65. I was leveling only through dungeons.

On level 15-25, I was oom after every 4-5 pull. I didn't have to drink anymore at lvl 30+. Now, when i join hellfire ramparts, I don't have to do more than shield the tank and smite away. And I don't run room through the whole instance.
It couldn't be easier right now.
Does it really get that hard at 85?
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As I said, in this topic before. Proper stats on gear and item level will make things easier. A freshly 85 might struggle though. Less so, if you level'ed up through dungeons (and therefore are in full blue gear when hitting 85), though.
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