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Combat Log Window

When I log off my character while in the right box I have "Combat" selected, the next time I log in, combat log chat box is in the middle of my action bars and I have to move it every time.
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Yes, it seems any chatframe that is placed in the infopanel for some reason gets misaligned since 5.4 but I can't fathom why as I can't see any infopanel changes since 5.4 nor any chatframe changes in 5.4 that would cause something like that. The same problem exists with ALL 3 of my chat plugins as well and I have as yet not been able to locate where the problem is all of a sudden. For the moment I would suggest logging out with the minimap or some other non chatframe based infopanel seleted.

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I kept forgetting to log of with the map open. So I made a simple macro that disables and enables NUI Guild Chat. And put the macro on a button.
The macro:
NUIGC disable
NUIGC enable

Of course, Guid Chat is needed for this particular macro.
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Damn - I forgot to look at that when I did the last update.

I'll try to remember that this weekend.

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