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Request: Battle Pets color variant identifier

Currently in game many different battle pets can come in color or even model variants. But unless you are very wise in the ways of collecting you won't know that the (example
Nameless octopede you own that has an eye patch is a model variant with a drop rate of less than .02%. this example pet can be bought and sold on the auction house but there is current no way a buyer could tell it's a model variant. And would be posted at the same price. There are no in journal indicators either.

Is this possible via add ons or an addition to an existing add on?
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A Kobold Labourer
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How can the identification of battle pet color or model variants be improved within the game, either through addons or enhancements to existing ones?
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The question is whether the variant thought is because the developers used the same model for a new creature to save time or whether they designed multiple creatures as part of a *species* range and each one you get is a different pet in that species.

The only function I can see that may help you see if that's possible is this one:

petID, speciesID, owned, customName, level, favorite, isRevoked, speciesName, icon, petType, companionID, tooltip, description, isWild, canBattle, isTradeable, isUnique, obtainable = C_PetJournal.GetPetInfoByIndex(index)

index being the position in the journal starting from 1.

This is also an interesting function if it isn't linked to setting which pets are part of the random summon option. Could this mean that pets in some species have a random visual display explaining that *rarity* version you are talking about.
usesRandomDisplay = C_PetJournal.PetUsesRandomDisplay(speciesID)

The random summon function
This page just shows the option of only summoning a random pet amongst your favourites or all pets

But to help at the auction house. I doubt there is anything out there. There is no drop rate mentioned on any of the pets info so that drop rate is probably calculated outside of wow by the player base based on statistics. If not, where is that 0.02% drop rate accessed in game ?

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