QuestsFu Version History
2.0.26925 - Hide the details pane when you press escape. Display notifications when people in your party advance a quest objective. esES localization updated by shiftos. deDE localization updated by gamefaq.

2.0.26806 - Account for showing multiple quests in the tooltip for a mob. Quest text hilighting improved by ckknight. Tracker should now be much easier to drag.

2.0.26245 - Remember the location of questgivers and display it in the detail panel. Hilight proper nouns and numbers in the objective and description in the detail panel. Stop the detail panel from jumping around when dragged.

2.0.25613 - Add a quest details panel to replace the standard questlog! (It's sort of beta -- feel free to disable it through the menu if it's still too unpolished for you.) Add Spanish translation by Shiftos. Some performance optimizations. Reputation quests should be slightly more robust for those in a locale with gendered language. Update TOC for 20003.

2.0.21398 - Fix the nil error on line 275.

2.0.21372 - Large rewrite of the options code to be less clunky. Get rid of the "stale hooks" error. Add deDE translation by gamefaq. General libs update. Add a check for old-style watched quests and convert them. (Also a fix for a weird Blizzard-bug with the zones for the expansion quests.)

2.0.19850 - Add some more fine-grained options for coloring the quest level, title, and zone.

2.0.19509 - Fix those party bugs people have been having. (Would have put this up on Wednesday, but I haven't been able to reach WoWI since Tuesday night...)

2.0.19335 - Update to account for a small way in which 2.0.1 is different from 2.0.2, where I was testing, and which coincidentally broke everything!

2.0.19240 - Final updates for WoW2.0. Add party quest completion: if you're grouping with someone else who is using an addon which embeds the Quixote library you'll see the completion status of their quests.

2.0.18641 - Showing quest levels in the official quest log will work in 2.0 again. Fixed the bug which would show bits of text after the tag.

2.0.18578 - Account for some changes to the QuestLog API in the 2.0 patch. Add a zhCN translation that yhwh provided. Light changes to how the tracker works, including no longer having a hardcoded default position. This will almost certainly make your tracker disappear if you've adjusted its position. Either delete your savedvariables or reset it by typing: "/script QuestsFu.db.profile.tracker_data = {}" into the chat editbox and then reload your UI.

2.0.16054 - Made the new tracker always show objectives, regardless of your QuestsFu tooltip settings.

2.0.16018 - Better hiding of the default quest tracker. Better handling of checkmarks for watched quests.

2.0.16010 - Better Burning Crusade compatibility. Account for some unusual quest objectives. Prettier default appearance for the new tracker. Change how watched quests are remembered. If you had watched quests before installing this update, weird things will happen. To stop weird things happening, type: "/script QuestsFu.db.char.watchedQuests = {}" in the editbox (without the quotes).

2.0.15973 - Fix another glitch, and improve the enabling/disabling of the tracker.

2.0.15971 - Fix glitch with the options menu/slashcommand being able to tell whether the new quests tracker is enabled.

2.0.15966 - Fix glitch with new tooltip handling.

2.0.15964 - Added an option to replace the default quest tracker with a miniature version of the standard QuestsFu tooltip. Quest item info should appear on a lot more tooltips. Split out the quest-scanning bits into a library. Various other library updates. QuestsFu's panel display should now work properly with the increased quest limit in the Burning Crusade. New zhTW localization from Kayin.

2.0.12321 - Add a koKR localization from fenlis. Made FuBar an optional dependency.

2.0.10107 - Fix a typo that caused an error when displaying NPC dialog with available quests.

2.0.10042 - Spread out "show levels" options; can now choose individually to show them in the game, in the tooltip, and for the zones in the tooltip. Added option to toggle quest title wrapping. Made quest levels appear in more NPC dialogs.

2.0.9908b - Replaced the libraries with slightly older versions, until AceLocale stops giving people errors.

2.0.9908 - The "show levels" setting will now cause levels to appear in the Blizzard quest log, and when talking to NPCs. Control-shift-click will now paste quest objectives and their status to the chatbox. For consistency, pasting the quest title to the chatbox is now shift-click instead of control-click. Quest titles in the tooltip will now be wrapped if they're too long. Added some checks to automatically fix up the showText breakage.

2.0.9777 - Regressed to AceLocale-2.0.

2.0.9316 - TOC to 1.12. Fix the issue with text not appearing (you may need to delete QuestFu's saved variables from your profile directory before things will work).

2.0.7516 - Updated for FuBar 2.0. Added display of the number of party members within range who share a quest with you. Improvements to watched-quest loading.

1.2.3276 - Watched quests weren't being saved if you added them from anything but QuestFu. Hooked the Add and Remove functions, to make sure that they won't be missed.

1.2.3169 - A few glitches from 3123 fixed. Registered for ZONE_CHANGED_NEW_AREA - a detached tooltip that is only showing descriptions for the current area should update properly now. Watched quests will have a checkmark.

1.2.3123 - Updated TOC for 1.11. Switched quest tags to being localized variables. Merged in a patch from Gordon Tyler to save watched quests, and make many improvements to the zone-names-hidden view.

1.2.1755 - Added options to hide "impossible" (red) quests and to show class quests even when only showing the current area. Fixed the "don't show area headers" option, which had been broken since the update to the 1.2 API. Change the initial value of self.allowedToUpdate to make sure that the quest log will be scanned when the addon is enabled after login.

1.2.1687 - Updated for changes in FuBar 1.2's API. Made it harder for the last-quest-message to pick up things like fishing events. (I had forgotten that some things, like collapsing zones in the quest log and zoning, fire QUEST_LOG_UPDATE.) Fixed a nil error when pasting quests without a tag to the chat.

1.1.1465 - Brought my version number into line with FuBar's, to make it easier to tell what versions will work together. Some updates for changes in FuBar's 1.2 API. Made the "(done)" and "(failed)" text for quests colored. Pasting quests to the chatbox now includes their level.

0.9.1171 - Updated to FuBar's new 1.2 API. Class quest "areas" are now colored with the proper class color. Nicer indentation in the tooltip. Marginally better resource usage.

0.9.1 - Fixed a glitch with TouristLib integration and quests that aren't in a zone (i.e. class quests), or are in a capital.

0.9.0 - Reworked the text-display options. Added an option to display the last quest status message on the bar. If TouristLib is installed (it's included in FuBar - LocationFu), display the zone levels and difficulty.

0.2.5 - Changed how I handle QUEST_LOG_UPDATE to stop a crash that people were having (GetQuestLogLeaderBoard() would fire a QUEST_LOG_UPDATE if it was called before the item/monstercache was loaded, leading to an infinite loop which consumed the system - thanks to Mirvlix of #wowi-lounge for working out what was happening).

0.2.4 - Some tweaks to resource usage. Updated for FuBar 0.9.99.

0.2.3 - Enabled the new detachable tooltip feature in FuBar. Added checkboxes to the category headings to make the collapsing feature more obvious.

0.2.2 - Added alt-clicking on quests to copy their name to the chatbox, ctrl-clicking on quests to share them with the party. Reworked some data structures for easier extensibility in the future. Removed the whole "scanning..." thing, on suspicion that it was causing crashes for some.

0.2.1 - Renamed to QuestsFu, due to the BossPanel rename! (Can now be shortened to "FuQ", I suppose. Remains to be seen whether this is a positive development.) Added an option for the panel text to be "quests completed / current quests". Fixed sorting of areas in tooltip. Fixed the toggling-quest-check glitch.

0.2.0 - Alas, TheFly's patches are (largely) gone: BossPanel 0.9.8 has (very nicely) incorporated clickable tooltips, for addons such as this. So I've stopped generating my own tooltip (as a bonus, BossPanel - Quests will now inhereit font sizing from BossPanel). Also, discovered reputation quests, and updated to display reasonably well.

0.1.6 - Another patch from TheFly, updating the tooltip to use the new-in-1.10 dynamic frame creation (this means that in most cases memory use should be reduced). Made left-clicking on quests in the tooltip scroll the quest log to that quest. Fixed a bug that stopped quest objectives from displaying in item/monster tooltips (and made it much more efficient). - Fixed a condition where BossPanel - Quests wouldn't register the QUEST_LOG_UPDATE event (meaning that it wouldn't notice when you completed a quest). - Added a delay for scanning the quest log on load. (Previously it could scan the log too early, and this would mess things up.) - Tweaked formatting of the new tooltip. Fixed a bug which was causing errors when a "monster" quest had a non-standard objective. (E.g. "Find Mankrik's Wife: 0/1".)

0.1.5a - Tiny bugfix release. (Quest difficulty colors were messed up.)

0.1.5 - Updated for 1.10. Integrated a patch from TheFly which makes the tooltip spiffier: can left-click on quests to open them in the quest log, and shift-left-click on quests to add them to Blizzard's quest-tracker, and areas are collapseable by left-clicking on their header. This is much work which I do not have to work out how to do for myself, so I am quite grateful. (Still to do: make collapsed areas persist across logins.)

0.1.4 - Added an option to hide completed objectives. Added an option to *not* color objectives by completeness. Fixed up color handling. Fixed an error that could happen if an item tooltip with an empty line appeared.

0.1.3: Added an option to display quest objective completion in the tooltips for quest-related monsters and items.

0.1.2: Added an icon. Made numerical quest objectives colored based on how complete they are.

0.1.1: Added an option to only display quest descriptions/objectives for the current area. Discovered that tooltips are limited to 40 lines, and caused options to be automatically toggled to trim down the tooltip if it would be cut off. (This can be disabled or turned into an option when WoW1.10 is released.)

0.1.0: Initial release.