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    02-10-07 04:25 PM by: Adriathys
    Here's a roadmap with some of the progress I've made as well as what's in store for flagRSP BC in the coming weeks and months.

    0.5.8 - Configuration Panel Release
    -Configuration Frame. Complete
    -Bug fixes. Complete

    0.5.9 - Minor Code Cleanup Release
    -Release Time: 2.1 Patch.
    -Remove unnecessary global variables. Possibly Complete
    -Fix any functions tainting the default UI. Possibly Complete
    -Add support for non-standard unit frames. Complete
    -Separate the Friendlist.lua file into two files, one for the UI one for the data. In Progress
    -Add in option to purge stored Flags in between sessions. Not Started
    -Update the relative tooltip display as well as other tooltip related items. Not Started
    -More bug fixes. (I'm looking at you, PVP Ranks.) In Progress
    -Anything else that comes up. If Necessary

    0.6.0 - Rewrites
    -Release Time: 2.2 Patch or When It's Done, whichever comes first.
    -Use the new memory functions in 2.1 to gauge performance and fix as necessary.
    -Optimize the interface so there's less OnUpdate processing.