03-14-11 12:35 PM by: jaliborc
Over the last year, I have been gradually stoping to update my addons here ate WoWInterface. Some of my most recent creations aren't even available here.
Well, now it's official: my addons, with some exceptions, are now only available on Curse.

Why? Well, I'll make a list:
  • I get more downloads in a week at Curse than I had in WoWInterface in all these years
  • Curse has a much better development network for updating and uploading addons
  • Curse gives 20% of their premium service income to authors (not much, but better than nothing)
  • But, most of all, I simply do not have time to keep my addons on two separate websites. I do not have nothing against WoWInterface, I just can't keep doing it.