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09-16-10 10:29 AM by: Nefrirr
Due to the changes to the event system, ArenaAnnouncer did not work at all on the beta realm. Thanks to the great WoWI community that already compiled some of the most prevalent problems with the LUA changes, getting the addon to work again in 4.0 was a piece of cake.

I will probably not only update the spell database with all the new fancy cataclysm abilities, but also add additional features. First, there will be a migration from the current database style that is localization-specific to a spellid-database. Thus, everyone will be able to use the addon, not only English and German users.

Finally, a more elaborate profile-system is in the works that will allow saving and loading profiles and should also provide an interface that eliminates the need for the few remaining slashcommands. This however is a more severe change and will probably not be ready for cata release if the rumors of a November-release turn out to be true.