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Battle Grounds?
Bug #: 8866
File: weizPVP
Date: 10-11-18 10:08 PM
By: 2oontang
Status: Fixed
I was wondering if this addon is supposed to work in BG's. I thought at one time it did, but it could have been another addon. I've disabled all but weizpvp and it still did not show. If it is supposed to, maybe i need to delete the WTF folder? Or maybe this could be worked in?

Thanks, Love it, keep up the great work!!

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By: pretoast - 10-20-18 10:02 PM
The main focus of the addon, at least at the moment, is for World PVP, so it's disabled in instances. This may change, but to make it work well in BG's I should be using other methods that work better in those situations. Same goes for Arenas at the moment.

I may add more support for these later on, but at the moment I already have a bunch of thing I want to add/optimize/fix. Adding BGs/Arenas to that at the moment would just take more time away from me building up the core of this addon, which in my view, is still pretty early in development.

It is my first lua project outside of some weakaura scripts and fixing API changes in other addons I liked that stopped being developed, so I don't want to build up too much just to have to redo it all later.

I'd love to have support for instanced PVP in the future, but it isn't the focus at the moment. I may add an option to allow turning it on/off on there later on tho just so people can play around with it... even if its not as good as it could be in those situations.
By: 2oontang - 10-22-18 02:40 AM
Okay, thank you very much for the detailed response. I really like the addon and am very excited to see more done with it.
By: pretoast - 10-22-18 02:56 PM
No problem. I might add in an option for BGs on 1.2 since there isn't nearly as much to change, but arenas would be involve adding in a good bit more.
By: pretoast - 10-25-18 04:11 PM
BG options have now been added to the interface options section in 1.2-alpha2