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Zone Information: Level Range, Fishing Skill, Instances/Dungeons
Feature #: 3127
File: Mapster
Date: 11-18-08 11:00 AM
By: Aesir
Status: Under Review
<b>Request feature to display information for a given zone:</b><br><br><ol><li>Recommended character level range<br></li><li>Fishing skill range</li><li>List of "instances", e.g., battlegrounds and dungeons.<br></li></ol><br><i>A specific implementation might look like this:</i><br>Continent level zoom of the map displays recommended character level range.&nbsp; Perhaps as tooltip, but perhaps easier (and more usable) if implemented as a text overlay in the top left or bottom left corner of Mapster.&nbsp; Clicking into a zone might then display fishing skill level range and list of instances.<br>